Yet Another Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet Scandal

Two Plus Two has uncovered yet another scandal at Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet also known as Cereus.  This thread alleges that the keno game is rigged.  The proof is quite convincing and this poster has a great history.  If you watch this video it makes a lot more sense as it is hard to explain in words:

Basically you win on every 5th or 6th pull when you play 10 games.  For example if you won on the 4th pull then you would also win on the 9th or 10th.  The only defense Cereus could have here is that they seem to be licensed to use the software from and not the ones that wrote the software unless they actually own this software company.  It does not appear that Cereus owns

From looking at the numbers it is hard to think this is malicious cheating.  It seems the issue is more because of pure laziness than intentional cheating.  When combined with all of the other security and cheating issues on Cereus it makes me wonder though.  At the very lease Cereus should be making sure they are offering fair games to their players and not some keno pattern game.

Disclaimer: The proof seems to be pretty convincing to me.  Cereus has yet to comment on this.  Maybe there is a reasonable explanation as to why there is this pattern.  If Cereus does respond I will post it here.

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