WSOP Disgraceful Twitter Behavior

The World Series of Poker created a rule this year that all players at a final table must verbally declare every move that they make.  This is not a standard rule.  It is assumed that this is done to make the final tables more television and live stream friendly.  It takes players out of their comfort level, and does nothing to improve the game.  It just turns the final table more into a spectacle, and less of a poker game.

Players have objected to this rule, and Twitter is full of unhappy players.  The World Series of Poker Twitter accounts have been bombarded by complaints about this rule.  @JonAguiar has been very vocal about it, with seemingly 100% support from his followers.  The @WSOP Twitter account then retweeted this comment made by one of their followers:

@JonAguiar @wsop @wsoptd why are you the only one who cries all day every day about everything Adapt and stop sounding like a complete bitch


Instead of dealing with the realization that their rule is terrible and not well accepted by players, they decided to retweet a negative comment towards one of their event’s participants.  This is disgraceful, and completely unprofessional.  Three hours later that tweet still sits in their account.

I have been at home with my wife recovering from surgery.  She will be fine in a few days, but I have yet to make it down to the WSOP.  It is likely that I will not be playing any WSOP events this year.  I think the final table verbal declaration rule is unacceptable, but not nearly as unacceptable as the behavior of the WSOP social media.  The World Series of Poker seems intent on destroying their brand name, just before they will be able to use it for real money online poker in the U.S.

I have had my own problems with the WSOP in the past.  I will not going into them here, but this is just another example of the ongoing issues players have with World Series of Poker management.

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