World Series of Poker Opening Day Trip Report

I am going to play in the $1500 Omaha High/Low tomorrow so I figured that I would go down there today and buy in.  When I got there I decided to play a $175 satellite.  I chopped three ways and bought in for the rest with cash.  While I was there I made quite a few observations.

The mood was very somber.  That seemed unusual for opening day but there really just was not any excitement in the air.  Another thing I immediately noticed is that there are not any poker room logos on anyone.  That is a huge change from last year when a majority of the younger players had some sort of logo from an online poker room.

Another very noticeable change from last year is that  there were very few games running.  There were two events running and outside of those there were only about 20-25 cash games and 10 or so satellites.  It took 30 minutes to get the Omaha8 satellite off the ground.  After we chopped I wanted to play another because the field was pathetic but there were only 4 players on an interest list and very little in the way of action anywhere.

Now that Phil Ivey has stated that he will not be playing any World Series of Poker events it looks like things could be even worse.  So many people visit the World Series of Poker just to see these famous poker players.  Some play it just for the chance of sharing a table with their favorite professional poker players.  With Phil Ivey not playing I have to wonder who else from Full Tilt Poker will be sitting this tournament season out.  Very few Full Tilt Poker pros have been spotted Rio.  I suspect it will stay that way.

Wish me luck tomorrow.  The tournament starts at noon.  Last year nearly 800 players entered the Omaha High/Low.  I hope it draws at least half of that number.  I am concerned about the turnout because of the lack of interest in satellites.  Maybe the tournament not starting during Memorial Day weekend hurt the kickoff.

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