Winning Las Vegas Screenshots

Living in Las Vegas has its ups and downs, especially if you gamble.  My business has kept me very busy lately so I have not had much of a chance to play poker in the last two months.  I typically play Seven Card Stud High/Low and Omaha High/Low.  Available online poker for US players has little in the way of those games.  Playing live poker got old.  It is too slow for me and dealing with some of the grumpy old men takes away from the fun.  So instead of playing poker, sometimes I go out and play some video poker and have a couple of drinks.  That is especially true if I have been working late.  I have had a nice run lately.

Here are some screenshots from big wins.  One was a dealt royal flush playing Ultimate X.  It was my biggest win.  That was just a week or so ago.  The others were almost as much fun.  Most of these screenshots were taken at my local PT’s Pub.  The Let it Ride screenshots are from the Vegas Club downtown.  The slot machine was at Red Rock.  I might play a slot machine once every year or so when I am running good.  That made me extra impressed by that win.


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