Weekend in the Black Hills

I got stuck writing last week.  I had two orders I could not fulfill.  By Wednesday, I knew I was not going to break out of it without a major change.  On Thursday, my wife was pushing me to go back to South Dakota for the weekend.

I needed to see some winter and old friends and she knew it.  After the disaster in November with my flight I needed a chance to go back.  Airfare was about $100 each way with the junk fees so I went with it.  This was a great deal with just one day of notice.

I stayed in Deadwood where they had received 6-12 inches of snow during the week and got a little more after I got there.  It was nice to see the snow in the forest and see my old Deadwood friends.  I was even happy to pay friendship dues in the amount of several hundred dollars at the poker table as I consumed more than a few drinks.  It was a total blowout but I needed it.

I grinded a little back playing the only table game I will play.  That game is Ultimate Texas Hold’em.  I played some at the tables and some on a machine.  I even found one video version that pays player points.  That is a nice plus.  The Ultimate Texas Hold’em machines are completely gone from Las Vegas so it was odd to see two in Deadwood.  The reason they are gone from Las Vegas is because they are beatable with player points, but that is a completely different discussion.

While I stayed in Deadwood, I visited my old area of Johnson Siding every day.  I got to see most of my old neighbors and spent a lot of time around the Happy Tavern. I even got to buy the person that purchased our old house a few drinks and talk about the old neighborhood.

I went to Rapid City to watch the Super Bowl with my old coworkers that were a part of the company that I moved to the Black Hills to work for.  It was great to see them.  Luckily my Ravens bet took care of everything I lost in Deadwood and then some.

I seem to be back in the swing of things.  I have written four articles since I returned home.  I am hoping that I can get back to writing full time again tomorrow.

The stagnant weather in Las Vegas causes me to burnout.  I need the inspiration that going back to the Black Hills gives me.  The scenery and the great people are always the perfect combination for a recharge of my creativity.

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