Warning About Action Poker Network Cashouts

Action Poker Network has seen better days.  While it was never a large network when it left the U.S. market after the UIGEA passed it was obvious they would become a non factor.  After they left the U.S. market most of their players were from Canada.

Over the years the traffic has slowly gone down.  The software has not had a major update in at least five years.  Now cashouts have slowed if not completely stopped.

Players have posted at Two Plus Two over and over about extremely slow or non existent cashouts for over a year.  Now affiliates are posting that they are not getting paid either.  It has been almost a year since PAS removed Action Poker and encouraged publishers to remove PayNoRake.  It seems nothing has improved.

If you are considering playing or promotion Action Poker, PayNoRake, Tiger gaming or any other Action Poker skin you should reconsider.  It seems that things have gotten so bad there that it leaves me to wonder if they are out of cash.

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