Victory Poker’s Move to Cake Network Adds Much Needed Traffic

On September 1st Victory Poker moved from the Everleaf Gaming Network to the Cake Poker Network.  After just a few days the traffic increase is noticeable.  According to Poker Scout Cake Poker has been up about 300 players at peak times.  This is a 20-25% increase in traffic.  It is safe to assume much of this new traffic came from Victory Poker’s move.

The move has not affected Everleaf Gaming’s peak traffic too much.  They are only down about 50 players a day at peak time.  This is likely due to the fact that the peak time for Everleaf Gaming is during European prime time.  Since it is likely much of Victory Poker’s traffic is in North America the loss of Victory Poker hurts the overall traffic but not the peak traffic.  If you are an affiliate for Victory Poker make sure to change your affiliate links.

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