Victory Poker Closes

Victory Poker, a member of the Cake Poker Network, will close its doors in the next 24 hours.  Victory Poker will move their player’s balances, Gold Cards, Gold Chips, rakeback and anything else associated with their accounts to Cake Poker’s software sometime tomorrow.  Shortly after Black Friday Victory Poker banned U.S. players and moved them to Cake Poker.  I feel quite certain that eliminated a good portion of their players.

The industry has been full of rumors for months that there was trouble at Victory Poker.  Earlier this year a player reported that Victory Poker stiffed him on a big promotion involving a trip to Las Vegas.  There were also reportedly internal issues which caused employees to leave.

In February 2010 Victory Poker launched on Everleaf Gaming.  There were huge parties and well liked pros including playmate Sara Underwood were hired.  The industry was excited for this newcomer.  After only giving Everleaf seven months they changed networks to Cake Poker.  Then after just a few more months Victory Poker was looking to move to Cereus.  Black Friday stopped that from happening.

Moving networks after just seven months and looking to move to their third network in 15 months does not make a poker room successful.  There was so much excitement behind the launch of Victory Poker and it looked like they would be one of the first successful launches in online poker in years. Tomorrow it will die as a non factor of a room.

RIP Victory Poker Feb 1, 2010 – June 1, 2011

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