Vegas Club Valet Closes

Vegas Club Valet Closed Permanently

I visited downtown Las Vegas for the first time in a week or two.  I discovered that another downtown valet parking option had closed.  This time it was the Vegas Club that had dumped their valet parking.  When I asked the front desk they said that valet had been removed permanently.  The sign to the right greets Vegas Club visitors looking for the valet.  While the Vegas Club offers a parking deck, it is very small and often only open to hotel guests on weekend nights.

Binion's Closed Valet

In December 2010, Binion’s stopped offering valet.  The situation at Binion’s was a little different.  Binion’s closed their hotel in December 2009, but chose to keep their valet open until a year later when that was dropped as well.  I used to use Binion’s valet to park my car for a few minutes to go make my sports betting picks at the Golden Nugget’s sportsbook and pick up my winnings.  For just a $5 tip the Binion’s valet would let me leave my car while I took care of business.

Now that the two valets have closed across the street from each other, what are the other options for parking downtown?

I like to park on the north side of Fremont Street.  That is because crossing Fremont Street can be a pain on busy nights.  It is also closed during the Fremont Street Experience light shows that are twice an hour at night.  Since I like to escape downtown via US 95, the north side of Fremont is the way to go.

The Plaza now has valet at their front entrance at Main St/Fremont St.  On the north side of Fremont there is valet at the Boyd Gaming properties California, Fremont and Main Street Station.

If you prefer to self park, which I always do if I am going to be downtown for an extended period of time, there are several options.  Binion’s is my first choice.  Binion’s offers the first three hours for free if you get the ticket validated.  If you are playing poker, Binion’s will give you a 24 hour parking pass.  Main Street Station also offers free self parking parking.  There is also self parking at California and Fremont.  The City of Las Vegas offers a parking deck at 4th and Fremont St.  The first hour is free, and each additional hour is $1 an hour up to $5 a day.

The south side of Fremont Street has several valet options as well as a large parking deck at Golden Nugget.  Typically, the valets on that side of Fremont Street are only for hotel guests.  While it can be a pain to maneuver and park in downtown Las Vegas, it is not impossible.

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