Vegas Club Hotel Closed

The Vegas Club hotel has quietly closed.  The Vegas Club is located on Fremont Street between Binions and Plaza.  Tamares Group owns the Vegas Club.  Tamares also owns the recently remodeled Plaza across Main Street from Vegas Club.  The group also owns The Western Casino that closed last week.  The Western’s hotel had been boarded up for years.

Unlike the neighboring Binions property that closed their hotel, Vegas Club’s hotel is actually being remodeled, albeit very slowly.  On high occupancy weekends some of the rooms actually reopen.  This occurred during the Consumer Electronics Show and New Year’s Eve although for most of the last two months the hotel has been completely dark.

The Plaza Hotel has not been meeting capacity.  There have been a lot of empty rooms in both the Plaza and Vegas Club hotels.  Guests that make their reservations at Vegas Club are typically bumped to the Plaza unless there are enough reservations to fill the Plaza.  The Vegas Club is essentially only being used as an overflow.

Vegas Club recently laid off a portion of their staff.  It was not just the hotel that saw cuts, employees that work the casino floor also lost their job or saw their hours cut drastically.  These layoffs do not include the 90 or so employees that lost their jobs at Western last week.

Vegas Club Valet Closed Permanently

Tamares Group invested $35 million in the Plaza remodel and are spending an undisclosed amount on the Vegas Club remodel.  While the company is not going anywhere, it is obvious that they are currently struggling.  The Vegas Club has large areas that are not used at all.  There is an abandoned bingo hall that has been a slot area, nightclub, sportsbook and a keno lounge, all of which flopped.  The back bar area has been completely closed with all of the alcohol removed.  The mostly abandoned front desk and valet area are in that area too. The Vegas Club valet closed before the hotel did.

There is no time frame for when the Vegas Club’s hotel will reopen full time.  The remodel does not have a publicly disclosed cost or completion date.

One thought on “Vegas Club Hotel Closed

  1. Thanks for posting the article about the Las Vegas Club. We have been
    staying at the Las Vegas Club since the 1980s and we were very upset
    when the hotel closed. Without any notification, we had to be bumped to the Plaza Hotel. The Plaza room had only one chair (chair with rollers) in the room and there WAS NO LUGGAGE RACK. i(South Tower, fifth floor). My husband had to stand while having a cup of coffee in the room. We have to travel 4-1/2 to 5 hours by car to get to Las Vegas and to be shoved into a room where certain standard items are missing is not acceptable. We come to Vegas for a vacation and
    mainly to gamble and now it seems as if it would be better for us to
    gamble at the Indian Casinos in our area because we get 6 complimentary
    rooms each month and it only takes us 1-1/2 hours to get to the Indian

    I have spoken to many people since the 1980s who stay at the Vegas Club and they feel strongly like we do - they love the smallness of the casino,
    the comfortable rooms and the friendly personnel.

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