US Online Poker News Update – May 18 2011

There are several stories that I have been following today.  As I reported earlier today, the big story is that it appears that UseMyWallet has had outgoing wires frozen by U.S. authorities.  UseMyWallet states that they have been sending money to U.S. player’s bank accounts but that the money was seized before players receive it.

In the last couple of days Merge Gaming banned new players from New York State.  Existing players from New York State are still allowed to play.  Some have suspected this was due to the location of the indictments from Black Friday, the Southern District of New York.  Typically that is the Department of Justice office that handles white collar crimes.

Last week True Poker released new software.  It was discovered that their rake calculation went from dealt to weighted contributed.  This was no surprise considering the software appears to be Dobrosoft and that was the rake method there as well.  It just would have been nice if Yatahay or True Poker would have bothered to let their players know.

Unfortunately there is no news relating to U.S. player’s cashouts from Full Tilt Poker or Cereus.  U.S. players still have not received anything.  Non U.S. players are receiving payments slowly from these rooms even though Moneybookers is not an option.  At Full Tilt U.S. players still have not even received their rakeback from a month ago.

Since Black Friday Cereus, consisting of Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet (UB), has lost over 85% of their peak traffic according to PokerScout’s stats.  They are down to a peak of just over 500 players from over 3000 players.  At 11pm ET there are no full fixed limit tables and the biggest no limit game is a single 2/4 game.  Virtually all of the action is micro.  Even Everleaf is a bigger network now and Yatahay is closing the gap.  At some point this network will have to ban U.S. players and when they do the action will almost certainly 100% die outside of a handful of micro no limit games.

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