Unprofessional Table Game Dealers at Riviera

Author Note: This occurred under the old Riviera management.  The Riviera has made major changes in employees and table games so this article no longer applies to the quality of the casino.

It is time to move away from the Black Friday reporting again to post about an absurd situation at Riviera in Las Vegas.  On Thursday I was at Riviera to clear my weekly cash bonus.  I played 9/6 Jacks or Better for a while and was running up and down as usual and decided to enjoy a drink while playing some craps.  That is when my terrible experience began.

The table was very slow and I bought in.  I played a while going up and down as it always goes.  I was betting from the Don’t Pass as most people were at the table.  Finally the table broke and I was about to leave when a lone player showed up and wanted to shoot.  I think he had been there earlier but I am not 100% sure.

He bet the line while I continued to bet the don’t.  He was a slow shooter.  He would play with the dice about 5-10 seconds before shooting them.  He would always hit the back wall and there was nothing funny going on, he was just having a good time.  I have seen this or worse more times than I can count at full tables without any hassle.  The pit boss was being very rude with him.  I did not care how long he took and expressed that to the dealer and I was told “You are not running the game, you do not make the rules here”.

Really?  Why do they care if this guy is slow if the players do not care?

Anyway he continues to be slow and two of the three dealers and the pit boss get more and more out of hand with how rude they are to him.  They are screaming and creating a very hostile environment.  They then kick him off the table before his roll was over.  I tell them that I expect them to pay all of my flat bets on the don’t pass and don’t come since there is not a shooter.  They call the player back to have him finish.

The player, who was on the line, moved his bet to the don’t with me.  Nobody noticed or maybe they did not care as you cannot move from the line to the don’t in the middle of a roll.  The harassment of the player by the staff got more and more out of hand and finally the player told them to f off and took his bet up.  The staff, very deserving of this type of come back by this player, actually overreacted and called security.  This player was not violent, he said a bad word to describe their awful behavior.  I guess grown men in a casino on graveyard shift cannot handle such harsh language.  I do not know what happened with the player and security but I think the player was long gone before security bothered to react.

I voiced my displeasure at the unprofessional behavior and attitude and the dealer told me if I did not like it I should play somewhere else.  I stated that I would post about it on my Las Vegas blog and tell the city and he said “Tell the world for all we care”.   That is what I am doing.

I would have posted this sooner but I wanted Riviera to have a chance to respond.  I contacted their player services who then forwarded it to casino management but I never head back so I wanted to let the world know the experience that I had and how they treat their players.  Most of the unprofessional behavior was directed at another player but I will not play somewhere any player that has done nothing wrong can be treated like that. Maybe reading this it sounds like nothing but if you were there you would know how bad this was.

Since my blog shows up second on Google for their free room promotion that has now ended and gets plenty of Riviera searches I figure that I would have a good audience.  Casinos are places for people to go and enjoy themselves and be treated well.  What I saw by the table game staff at Riviera was the most unprofessional behavior ever in a casino employee group.  Considering Riviera just got out of bankruptcy I would have thought the dealers would be happy to even have a job in a city where unemployment is 13.3% and Sahara, which is the next casino north on Las Vegas Blvd, is closing in a month.  Considering what I saw Thursday night I fully understand why Riviera is having so many problems.  They certainly lost me as a player.  How many more were treated this way and never spoke out?

2 thoughts on “Unprofessional Table Game Dealers at Riviera

  1. Wow! I have never played craps in a casino or elsewhere, though I may some day, but that is really terrible treatment! Reading it doesn’t sound like nothing at all, actually it sounds like a very unpleasant situation. It’s at least a little sad that they aren’t intelligent enough to have any clue how much they’re hurting themselves by doing that. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I am a poker dealer at Foxwoods and we strive on customer service if that happened here the dealer would be written up and suspended. There is no excuse for a dealer to be rude to any patron they are the ones paying the bills. Being a little rowdy is expected at a casino as long as it doesnt get out of hand where the f bomb is being used so much it makes people feel uncomfortable. That is want you want to attract attention so more people will play. I cant stand it when dealers get visually agitated at the table, after all if the players arent there we dont have a job.

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