Two Plus Two Publishing Wins Infringement Lawsuit

Mason Malmuth posted on his Two Plus Two poker forum that his company had prevailed in an intellectual property infringement lawsuit.  According to Malmuth, Anthony Scocozza (also known as Anthony Scocozzo), was found to have infringed on Two Plus Two’s copyrighted Two Plus Two name as well as several of their books that are distributed by Two Plus Two Publishing.   Scocozza registered a domain name that included Two Plus Two’s registered trademark “Two Plus Two” in it.

In early 2009, according to the Wayback Machine, was launched.  Scocozza was the owner of the website according to the court ruling.  That website offered visitors ebook versions of Two Plus Two Publishing owned books.  The books could be downloaded through Scribd. According to Malmuth, Two Plus Two made multiple attempts to have the website removed but the attempts were not successful.

A lawsuit was filed in Nevada against Anthony Scocozza.  In an order signed on October 4, 2011, a default judgment was issued by the U.S. District Court in Nevada.  Typically, a default judgment is given when the defendant does not respond to the lawsuit after being served, or fails to show up for court dates.  The judgment included:

  • $50,000.00 in statutory damages pursuant to violation of the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.
  • $100,000.00 in statutory damages pursuant to violation of the Copyright Act.
  • $3,247.08 in attorneys’ fees and costs incurred
  • The current registrar of the domain name at issue immediately transfer the domain name to Plaintiff’s ownership and control.

While the judgment has been issued, there does not appear to be any type of collection on the judgment. The court ruling can be found here.

My Own Thoughts

On numerous occasions I have had my work stolen from me.  The Digital Millennium Copyright Act gives website publishers ownership of anything that is published on their websites.  Usually a threat gets that work removed from the content thief’s website immediately.  I have luckily never had a situation where I have had to take someone to court that refused to remove my copyrighted material from their website.  Even if Two Plus Two cannot recover any damages from the judgment, this $153,247.08 judgment will haunt Anthony Scocozza/Anthony Scocozzo forever.  Hopefully a lesson can be learned here.  Do not steal other people’s copyrighted work or trademarks.  It can ruin your life.

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