Two Plus Two Party at Wynn

Last night my wife and I went to the Two Plus Two Publishing party at the Wynn.  It was the first Two Plus Two party I had ever been able to make.  Since I live in Las Vegas now it was great to finally meet a lot of Two Plus Two posters and insiders.  I have had business type lunches with Mat and Mason before but this was the first time I got to see Two Plus Two throw a party.  We had a great time.

We started by meeting former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.  Gov. Johnson is running for president in 2012 and has a pro online poker stance as well as other libertarian ideas.  After that we talked with several Two Plus Two Pokercast producers.  We went on to eat the buffet spread and took full advantage of the open bar.

I went on to play some crazy poker games.  The first was a mixed game of half one card up Texas Hold’em and half two card up Omaha8.  Basically half of your hole cards were exposed like in stud.  I followed that by a mixed game that included 3-2-1 Hold’em where you get two cards and have three flops, two turns and one river.  We then played Razzdugi, Crazy Pineapple High/Low, Badeucy, Badacey and Big Omaha8.

After that game broke I moved to a table that was playing triple flop Omaha High where Buzz and Bobo Fett from Two Plus Two were playing.  There were three boards to choose from.  There would be three flops, three turns and three rivers.  The lowest river card would kill that board.  For example if the top board got a three, the middle board got a four and the bottom board got a two the bottom board would disappear.  If the low card tied then two boards would disappear and only one board would play.  If the river cards were all the same the dealer won the entire pot.  This never happened though.  I even got my wife to play this game, it was a blast.

About 2am the Wynn broke the special Two Plus Two playing area and moved our game, the last one running in the area, to the main Wynn Poker Room.  My wife and I decided to call it a night after that.

Thanks to Mason, Mat and everyone at 2+2 for putting on a great party.  I will leave you with a few pictures.

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