Two Plus Two 2013 WSOP Party Trip Report

The Two Plus Two 2013 WSOP Party was held Saturday night at South Point in Las Vegas.  It started with a screening of Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker.  My wife and I did not make it early enough to see it.  We got there just in time to visit with a number of Two Plus Two members and eat at the poker buffet supplied by South Point. 

There were kiosks for players to sign up for South Point Poker, the company’s future real money online poker room.  South Point was the first operator to receive an interactive license in Nevada, but they have yet to launch.  According to the promotional material, the site will open upon approval by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

My wife and I have played Triple Flop Omaha High/Low at every Two Plus Two party and this one was no different.  We play the game with a twist.  The lowest river card kills the board so there will be no more than two boards.  If the lowest river card pairs then two boards will disappear, leaving just one board to play.  If all three river cards are the same then the dealer wins. 

For the first time in three years, we had the river card trip.  The lucky dealer scooped the pot because of this, as seen in the image to the right.  The far left cards are the river.  Since they were all 2′s the dealer took the pot down.

It was a fun group.  I did not get to know the names of everyone that played, but those seated at the table included Bobo Fett, Professional Poker, Buzz, Grasshopper8, R*R and Matthew Janda, the author of Applications of No Limit Hold’em.  His book was among the prizes in our splash pots. 

Marco from QuadJacks was also there.  He was interviewing a number of poker players and media.  I was interviewed during this segment. 

The pokerfuse group also made an appearance.  Unfortunately, after repeated attempts, we were unsuccessful in getting them to play our Triple Flop Omaha game.

The drink service was great and the dealers did a good job at dealing our confusing game.  One noticeable difference between this year and last was a lack of a chip tower contest.  That is because South Point’s poker room did not have enough $1 chips to sell.  The poker room was even using $1 slot tokens for rake.  It eventually had to start dropping $5 red chips as even the slot tokens were running out.

It was great to see so many poker friends and meet new ones.  I am already ready for next year’s party so that my wife and I can play our unusual Triple Flop Omaha game.  It is the only time each year my wife plays poker, at least until Triple Flop Omaha low card kills the board makes it into the local mixed games.

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