Tuesday US Online Poker Update

Professor I. Nelson Rose made a blog post about his legal opinions relating to the federal indictments made on Black Friday.  This is a very interesting read.  He does not seem to think these indictments will do much of anything and makes it clear the accused in other countries will not be extradited.

Victory Poker, a member of the Cake Poker Network, banned U.S. players today.  Most if not all of the other Cake Poker Network skins still accept U.S. players.  It has also become extremely unlikely that Victory Poker will be moving to Cereus as the future of Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet (UB) are in doubt.

Bradley Franzen pleaded not guilty yesterday in a Manhattan court.  Chad Elie plead not guilty this morning in Manhattan as well.  Most of the 11 accused in Friday’s unsealed indictments are still at large.

In the televised poker world the Fox Network pulled two poker shows that were sponsored by PokerStars.  The pulled shows are The Big Game and the Million Dollar Challenge.  These shows may still appear outside the U.S. or online.  Monday ESPN preempted and presumably canceled the PokerStars North American Poker Tour coverage.  ESPN states that they will still air the 2011 World Series of Poker.

Monday’s peak traffic from PokerScout showed PokerStars down 12%, Full Tilt down 40% and Cereus down 52%.  The winners included Merge Gaming up 36%, Bodog up 31% and Cake Poker is up 18%.  Although the smaller rooms are up percentage wise overall there are about 15,000 online poker players that have been banned from the Big 3 but have not found new homes on U.S. friendly online poker rooms.

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