Tuesday Online Poker Traffic Recap

As always I take the publicly available peak traffic numbers from Pokerscout.  The losers are the three formerly U.S. friendly online poker rooms.  The winners are those still in the U.S. market.


  • PokerStars -17% (7500 players)
  • Full Tilt Poker -41% (12,000 players)
  • Cereus -58% (2300 players)


  • Merge Gaming +39% (500 players)
  • Bodog +37% (400 players)
  • Cake Poker +32% (300 players)

As impressive as the gains for the current U.S. friendly poker rooms are there are still tens of thousands of cash players displaced.  There are roughly 21,800 cash game players displaced from the former top 3 U.S. friendly online poker rooms and only 1200 that have found new homes in the new top 3 U.S. friendly online poker rooms.  Of course some of the loss from sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker could be non U.S. players scared off by the issues at Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars but the vast majority are going to be U.S. players.  Also keep in mind that this does not cover tournament players, only cash game players.

Maybe the word has not gotten out about where U.S. players can play.  U.S. players can still get rakeback at Carbon Poker and RPM Poker on Merge gaming, now the biggest U.S. friendly online poker network.  Players receive 35% rakeback paid daily.

Cake Poker is the second biggest U.S. friendly online poker room.  Players that sign up through me for Cake Poker will receive a 110% up to $600 first deposit bonus and 33% rakeback paid weekly.  Sign up here for Cake Poker rakeback.

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