Tropicana Poker Room Closes Again

After an 18 month run, the Tropicana poker room is closing today.  This is the second time that Tropicana has given up on their poker room.  The poker room reopened in its original location in April 2011 after closing in 2008.  The poker room will be converted into a slot tournament area.

According to Pokerati, employees were told Monday morning about the poker room closure but it was not announced by the Tropicana poker room.  Their Twitter account has not tweeted in two weeks.  The poker room’s Facebook account posted about an NFL promotion that was to be offered each Sunday this year just last week.  This shows that this announcement has not been planned or known about by poker room management for more than a few days.  Tropicana’s website still advertises the poker room with no news about it closing.

$16,000 in Promotional Money Given Away

Word got out last night that the Tropicana poker room would be closing at 4pm today.  The poker room had almost $16,000 in its promotional drop that it must give away.  Players reported that $1111 would be given away 14 times between 10am and 4pm. The money was given away by drawing table and seat numbers.

Players rushed to get a seat in the poker room.  Players were waiting on dealers to show up.  By 10am there were six games running and 60 people on the waitlist.  Most players that had a seat stayed so few of the players on the waitlist ever got a chance to play.

Tropicana Poker Woes

The poker room at Tropicana has seen its share of issues since its reopening.  The failed Canadian Poker Tour came through and was the subject of controversy.  The poker room also hired Jamie Gold as its ambassador.  The relationship did not last long.  All mention of Jamie Gold was removed from their poker room and website months ago.

I also had my own poor experience.  I used to play in the mixed games held once a week there.  The game was advertised as a $2 rake.  One night I showed up and the rake had been raised to $3.  I could deal with that but then I was the victim of what I would call a hometown ruling.

The floor ruled against me on what the structure of a spread limit game is.  I had already confirmed the structure with the table but then they decided to change the rules.  I was clearly right about the rules but the players basically outvoted me in the middle of a hand and the floor and dealer went with their regulars.  The table grew negative towards me and I decided it was probably a bad idea to play in a game where the rules could be made up as they went along.

At the end, this mixed game was the only regular game in the poker room.  During the Jamie Gold days there was a midweek 2/5 no limit game but that game died.  Most tournaments failed to get off the ground and those that did would have just one or two tables.  There was little in the way of cash game action most nights.

The Tropicana poker room tried everything.  The tables and chairs were great, they offered a water and coffee bar, great drink service, wifi and the sports book was right next door.  The poker room even paid players for each hour they played out of the promotional fund that was paid for with up to $3 in jackpot drops per hand.  Players that put in four hours in a day would receive $25.  Players could earn up to $10 an hour if they put in seven hours in a day.  Even this promotion was unable to draw regular games to the poker room.

It is hard to compete with the MGM poker room that is located just across Tropicana Avenue.  This is one of several poker rooms that have closed this year. Ellis Island opened and closed their poker room in 2012.  Fitzgeralds, Silverton, and O’Sheas also closed Las Vegas poker rooms this year.

There are still too many poker rooms in Las Vegas.  I would not be surprised to see more non factor poker rooms close in the near future.

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