Treasure Island Paying Poker Players $10 an Hour

Treasure Island has come up with a great promotion to help increase traffic in their poker room.  Starting in January, the Treasure Island poker room will start paying players up to $10 an hour just to play poker.  This is essentially a prop program that appears to be running at least through March.  The offer may be extended if it is well received by players.  A player simply signs in with their player’s card at the poker podium and when they leave the player signs out.  This prop type program will replace the weekly freerolls and 25 hour wheel spin.  The high hand promotion will continue to be offered.  Players will be required to play cash games 1/3 no limit or 3/6 fixed limit and higher to qualify.  Tournaments will not qualify towards the promotion.  The weekly pay tiers are as follows:

  • Play 10 hours earn $50
  • Play 20 hours earn $125
  • Play 30 hours earn $200
  • Play 40 hours earn $300
  • Play 50 hours earn $400
  • Play 60 hours earn $599

(Note that TI changed the original offer and made it so that you had to play 60 hours to receive $10 an hour.)

Cash will be paid weekly to players.  Players will also receive $2 an hour in food comps while they are earning the cash hourly rate.  This is a great promotion.  As long as it does not destroy game quality, it is hard to think of a better place to play while this promotion is running.

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4 thoughts on “Treasure Island Paying Poker Players $10 an Hour

  1. Thanks for the heads up. Once I get back from Thanksgiving in Rapid City you’ll know where to find me. Of course it makes me wonder, if they can afford to give this type of rake back bonus, how much exactly am paying in rake in the first place? There’s just no way me, or most of the other tightwads that I’m sure will be fixtures there, will be paying $12 in rake per hour to even cover these promo’s, let alone operating costs. Maybe they figure with these tightwads we’ll break even, but since there should always be games going we’ll get more loose leisure players that end up paying more rake. But something is definitely not adding up.

    • The rake was $4+1 promo drop the last time I played there. The promo does not start until January so you have plenty of time to spend in Rapid City. By the way, I lived up there for close to five years in the hills west of town. Have fun in South Dakota.

  2. I just heard about this last night and thought I’d look it up online to make sure it was legit, thanks for confirming for me. Ohh and I grew up in Sioux Falls! haha!

  3. They changed it. Now you need to play 60 hours to get to the $10/hour mark. Still a good deal though.

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