Tinoco’s Kitchen in Las Vegas Club Closes

Tinoco’s Kitchen, the only sit down restaurant left at the Las Vegas Club, has closed its doors.  It appears that the lunch counter sometimes referred to as Tinoco’s Express has also closed.  I could not get a straight answer about the express location.  If they have both closed, this means that the Las Vegas Club no longer has any dining choices for their guests, unless you consider the $2 hot dog and Coors Light from the bar a dining option.

Tinoco’s Kitchen, which might be best known for its lobster tank where gamblers could deposit $1 and try to catch a live lobster with a claw that would be cooked for free, never caught on in its hidden location towards the back of the casino.  Foot traffic is low in that area, especially due to the fact the hotel at Las Vegas Club is only open on busy weekends.

There were several noticeable changes at Las Vegas Club.  The hotel was closed this weekend.  All of the video poker machines and slot machines that were in the area of the rear restrooms by the parking deck elevators have been removed.  Many other machines towards the back of the casino have also been removed, including many popular machines that still used coins.

The back of the casino is starting to look completely deserted with the hotel closed most nights, many machines removed, the bingo hall closed, Frisky’s Bar closed, and now Tinoco’s Kitchen calling it quits.  There were several changes in the front of the casino with many machines moved around.  Hopefully this is a sign of a remodel coming to the property.

Tamares Group owns Las Vegas Club.  They also own The Plaza across Main Street, which was given a $35 million remodel in 2011.  Earlier this year, the company closed The Western, a dilapidated casino east of the Fremont Street Experience.  Considering the location of Las Vegas Club, my prediction is that a remodel similar to Plaza is coming and it will not meet the same fate Western did.  I have been hearing one of the hotel towers has been getting remodeled at Las Vegas Club.  This leads me to believe they intend on doing something with Las Vegas Club, as opposed to closing it or letting it rot, when they generate the cash to do it.

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