The Ten Best Things About Living in Las Vegas

In response to The Ten Worst Things About Living in Las Vegas I figured I would make my own Best of Living in Las Vegas list.  The Ten Worst list is worth a read.  After living here for three months I found it to be a quite funny read.  He is dead on about quite a few things and presents his opinion in a great way.  Here is my list of the top ten best things about living in Las Vegas.  They are in no particular order.

No State Income Tax

If you hate writing that check every quarter or year to your state then Las Vegas, and the entire state of Nevada, is the place for you.  We don’t have any income tax.  None!  Not only do individuals not have an income tax there isn’t an income tax on corporations.  Only Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming have a 0% corporate income tax.  In addition to those states only Alaska, Florida, Tennessee and Vermont don’t have a personal income tax although Tennessee and Vermont tax dividends and interest.

No Traffic

Maybe I shouldn’t say no traffic but it is close to zero.  Las Vegas Boulevard and the crossroads along the strip are clogged with traffic and I-15 between I-215 and US 95 can also be a mess but the rest of the city is free of traffic.  Most of the major roads are six lane speed limit 45 MPH (72 KPH) roads.  For a city of almost 2 million metro the traffic is not bad at all.

Sports Betting

If you want to put a few dollars on a sporting event there is no better place.  No matter what obscure sporting event you want to bet on we’ve got it.  Do you like Southwest Missouri State over Southern Illinois?  We have a point spread for you.  Do you like the over in a WNBA game?  You’ve got it.  Enjoy a couple of free beers while you bet on a game only one in a billion care about.  Nevada is the only state in the U.S. where you can bet on sports legally.  That will not change any time soon.

No Last Call

While most of the world has to leave the bar by 2am people in Las Vegas can drink at any hour of any day.  You never have to worry about hearing “You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here”.


No matter what you enjoy, whether it is a Cirque Du Soleil on the strip or a low end strip club we have it.  Just keep in mind that if you go to a strip club in Las Vegas you will not find full nude and booze in the same establishment.  You can go to North Las Vegas and get that but you might want to just stay along the strip or downtown and just have topless entertainment.

Cheap Airfare

McCarran Internartional Airport is the 7th busiest airport in the United States and 22nd busiest in the world.  When you include the fact that Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination that means that you can find some of the cheapest airfare in the country with destinations like no other airport.  Do you want to visit Missoula, Montana or Fargo, ND?  You can fly there non stop from Las Vegas for around $100 round trip, even cheaper if you fly against a popular Las Vegas tourist weekend.

No Sales Tax on Food

When you go to the grocery store and buy that $.99 can of soup it costs $.99.  Unlike most of the rest of the world that taxes groceries there is a 0% sales tax on food in Las Vegas.

Cheap Housing

It is well known that Las Vegas has suffered a housing bust like no other.  You can steal houses nowadays.  There are foreclosures and desperate sellers everywhere.   I bought a 5 bedroom house in arguably the highest end suburb of Las Vegas called Summerlin for just over $200,000.  The smaller 3 bedroom houses in the same neighborhood go for around $175,000.  Their loss is your gain.  If you are looking for an apartment you will find the deal of the century.  You can get three months free rent on a year lease.  Las Vegas Strip high rise condos are also a steal.

Your Friends and Family will Come and See You

Ever wondered why your friends and family aren’t running to come and visit you in Johnson Siding, South Dakota?  It’s because it is cold there and there is no way to fly there direct.  When you live in Las Vegas your friends and family can’t wait to come and visit.  You don’t even have to take a vacation from your job when they visit.  You can still work and your friends and family will go out and play on the Las Vegas Strip while you work and you can party at night and over the weekend.


Although I have put on a few pounds I must say the dining choices are a great reason to move here.  There aren’t too many cities of this size that have the buffets, upscale dining and International food choices that Las Vegas has to offer.  On top of the availability the prices are great, especially in casinos.

I had ten choices without the obvious casino gambling and temperate winters.  There are certainly drawbacks to living in Las Vegas but the positives, at least so far, outweigh the negatives.  Hopefully my opinion is still the same on the one year anniversary of our move here.

4 thoughts on “The Ten Best Things About Living in Las Vegas

  1. Hi John, Welcome to Vegas. (I say that as a native, I’ve been here a long time - way back since 2009)
    I wanted to thank you all those years back for helping me get started when you ran Rake Rebate Review. You’ve always been a class act and a credit to the industry.

  2. Some good points PA, but the no tax on food thing isn’t entirely correct. That’s only true for purchases of unprepared food such as at a grocery store, not food purchased at a restaurant, fast food place, or in a casino. That’s not even that big of a deal since even in a high tax state like California, we have the same no tax on groceries, which has me wondering, do most states actually tax groceries?

    • I should have said groceries to make that clear. I don’t know of anywhere that does not tax restaurant bills. As for groceries I know that South Dakota where I lived before taxes groceries at the same rate everything else is taxed at both the county and state level. Tennessee is the same way. In Georgia, where I lived before South Dakota, the state stopped taxing groceries about 10 years ago but the counties still do so.

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