The Perfect Las Vegas Poker Wife

Last week my wife kicked me out of the house.  Most men that encountered their wife pushing them out the door on a Wednesday afternoon would be looking for a hotel room and two dozen roses to apologize for whatever they did.  I had the opposite problem.  My wife wanted me out of the house because she knew that I needed it.

I work every day of the week.  Each day I look at my to do list and it seems that for every hour that I work, there are two more hours of work on the radar.  I worked all through the holidays and have booked many hours every day for months.  Somehow Wednesday, January 9th started looking like a day that there would not be anything for me to do.

I was not that lucky though.  I had a consulting meeting at noon with one of my biggest clients.  It lasted about an hour.  As soon as I disconnected from Skype my wife insisted that I go out all night.  She knew that if I came home at 2am then that would be considered early.

I drove up to Indian Springs Casino.  It is a hole in the wall at the front gate of Creech AFB.  The reason I went there is because it is the only place that I know of that still offers video Ultimate Texas Hold’em.  Luckily for them I ran terrible and I created a job or two on a game I otherwise crush, which is probably why they have been uninstalled in the entire Las Vegas Valley.  I then went to Red Rock and somehow finished up the night a winner.

Tavern Office Space

That is not the only reason that I have the perfect poker wife.  While I barely get a chance to play poker anymore, Kristina accepts the lifestyle that working in the Las Vegas gambling industry brings.  I am writing this in a bar at 6am with her blessing.  I have been here since 10pm.  She knows that my office rent was a waste.  I do not belong in an office park with business professionals.  I would go to the office at night and on weekends and avoid those stuffy business types during business hours.  I got to know the custodians that showed up at odd hours well.

What I really needed was a tavern with an internet connection.  I found one and I now go there twice a week to write on graveyard shift.  I do some of my best work in that interesting atmosphere.

This all started with us meeting from two different worlds.  I was grinding the suburban Atlanta poker circuit for years when I met her.  I was the pizza man playing mid to high limit poker with a Delta pilot, doctors, entrepreneurs, and retirees.  For the most part, these players could not spell poker, much less play it.

Before we got married I expressed how important the income from this close nit group of poker players was.  She grudgingly accepted this life, even though her upbringing made the whole concept foreign.  She never wanted to know how these games went night to night but she knew that overall they went well.

Home Poker Experience Meets Online Poker

The online poker boom was great to us.  I was lucky enough to come up with a business plan during it that made the poker side less important than the business side.  While I am in a different side of the business now, the reputation built from that helps to this day.

Kristina may not understand my need to analyze every NFL game and point spread down to the kicker and offensive line matchup, but she knows that when we go to the sports book that it is all a part of same math that makes me a winning poker player.  Even more importantly, she suffers through those awful late Cardinals and Raiders games that make up the AFC and NFC West games that I follow so closely.  If you ask her, “suffer” is the key word.

She also understands when I find an advantage I have to play it.  They do not come up often.  When this Deadwood video blackjack promotion was rolled out she let me spend the night at the casino taking advantage of this incredible promotion on several occasions.  She also knows when I am at a good poker game I have to stick with it.

Seahawks Won According to Las Vegas

She is not completely cured of her risk aversion though.  When the Seahawks were losing 20-0 at halftime on Sunday to the Falcons I felt burnt by the fire from her eyes.  It was almost an “I forgive you because your insanity got us to this point” type of glare.  Luckily the Seahawks woke up and almost won, but more importantly they covered the 2.5 point spread by the little hook on the end.

It takes a lucky man to marry a woman that understands all of this, willing to learn more, and more importantly put up with my lifestyle.  She even wants to play crazy games like Triple Flop Omaha High/Low where the low card kills the board (image from that game above from the Two Plus Two Publishing Party).  I am even luckier to be blessed with the son and daughter that she gave me.

Speaking of the Kids

Kristina dedicates her life to our children.  She volunteers at our daughter’s school often.  When our son was in elementary school she did the same thing.  She works with both of our children at home to make sure they are prepared for each and every day of their learning like any dedicated mom would.  This is on top of the great education both of them are receiving in a school district most people seem all too quick to dismiss.  Kristina is in school to teach in the same school district so she may be teaching your children middle school math down the road.

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