Taking Advantage of Free Poker Money

One of the best kept secrets in online poker are free bankrolls.  A free bankroll is free poker money that a poker room gives you just for signing up.  You do not even have to make a deposit.  You are basically freerolling the poker room with their money, not yours.  It may sound too good to be true but this is how it works.

Poker rooms are in fierce competition with each other.  Some online poker rooms offer free poker cash by offering first deposit bonuses, rakeback, raked hand promotions or free bankrolls.  When a poker room offers a player free poker money and the player does not have to make a deposit then that is called a free bankroll.  A poker room does this to get you to try out their software and games.

There is a requirement that must be fulfilled before cashing out the free bankroll and winnings.  Each poker room has a different requirement.  For example at Party Poker you must earn 500 Party Points to cash out.  This means that you must rake $250 to be able to cash out.  This is how online poker rooms can afford to give you free poker cash.

Bankroll management is very important when clearing a no deposit bonus.  Do not go straight to the tables and play the highest limit that you can buy into with your free bankroll.  The risk of ruin will be very high and you will likely bust before you ever have a chance to play many hands.  The best thing to do is start off at very low limits.  Get used to the software and the players.  Only after doubling your bankroll should you consider moving up in limits.  You should never play house games such as blackjack or video poker with your free bankroll.

Some players are concerned that getting free poker cash will affect their ability to get rakeback at a certain poker room.  If the poker room is on a network then you can always go to another skin after you have cleared the free bankroll.  If you move to another skin after clearing your bonus you will qualify for the first deposit bonus and rakeback at that poker room.  If you prefer to go the route of more free poker money then you can sign up for that if another poker room on the network has the same offer.  To qualify you must have cleared the first no deposit bonus.  If you busted before meeting the requirement then you will likely be unable to get another free bankroll from that affiliate.

Free poker money is a great way to get started in online poker.  You do not have to risk any of your own money to play.  Everything that you win is pure profit.

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