Sunday US Online Poker Recap

As expected there have been a lot of rumors flying today.  Gambling911 is always great for rumors so I figured I would start with them.   According to G911 Daniel Tzvetkoff is being held in a safe house with his fiancee by the feds.  Daniel Tzvetkoff is the alleged federal witness against PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Cereus.  Some think he brought down online poker in the U.S. all by himself by rolling on the online poker rooms about the types of payments he processed for them.  If it were not for him there may not have been a Black Friday in the online poker world.

The Las Vegas Sun reported today that PokerStars sponsored a trip to London for some Nevada lawmakers.  One of these lawmakers that went on this trip was Assembly Judiciary Chairman William Horne.  Horne was the Nevada lawmaker that introduced the bill to the Nevada legislature that PokerStars pushed hard to get passed.  On top of the trips provided to lawmakers PokerStars also allegedly contributed $272,000 to 68 Nevada lawmaker’s campaigns. Of course this kind of thing happens all the time in politics.  Apparently it is only scandalous when it is an online poker room that does it.

Even though ESPN has stated they will still cover the 2011 World Series of Poker this summer ESPN2 tonight did not air the scheduled 2010 World Series of Poker reruns.  One has to assume if this was due to a lack of advertising.  Gambling911 posted on Twitter that “ESPN to remove poker programming following indictments”.  They did not elaborate so I do not know if they meant only tonight.

Today’s traffic counts are now in.  As always the source is the list publicly available on PokerScout.

Today’s Winners

  • Merge Gaming +24%
  • Cake Poker +24%
  • Bodog +24%
  • iPoker +14%
  • Party Poker +11%
  • 888 +5%
  • Ongame +4%

Today’s Losers

  • Cereus -50%
  • Full Tilt Poker -44%
  • PokerStars -20%

There are really no surprises there.  The three indicted rooms collapsed.  The three biggest U.S. friendly rooms exploded and the big non U.S. friendly rooms grabbed some market share from PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker where players are understandably concerned about the future.

I am headed to bed.  There has been a lot to follow this weekend and I have done my best to stay on top of thing.  Tomorrow should be an incredible day for news.

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