Sunday US Online Poker Processing Report

After Fulltilt closes to USA players many of those players have complained that they are unable to cashout.  Even players outside the U.S. are having problems.  When I tried to cash out of Full Tilt Poker I got the error that I failed to get a secure connection.  I then closed the software and when I went to download it again from their new website the download failed every time.  Luckily I was able to initiate a cashout from PokerStars before players started reporting problems there.  Hopefully I will have good news about receiving that money early in the week.

As I reported earlier today players are still unable to deposit, cashout or make player to player transfers on Cereus.  Of the three indicted online poker rooms Cereus is by far the most concerning.  I would say player balances on Absolute Poker and UB are in danger.

My guess is that in the end PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker have enough in reserves to cover player balances.  They also have an ongoing business reputation to be concerned about since both rooms have more non US players than Cereus has if you include the Cereus US players.  Without U.S. players Cereus will likely fail.  Understandably non U.S. players are concerned about their money on PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker but I have a feeling that it is business as usual and will be in the near future. It may be time to cash out any excess bankroll being kept on those sites though.

There are poker sites still accepting USA players.  These include Sportsbook Poker and Bodog.  Both of these poker rooms have attached sportsbooks and have quite a few U.S. friendly deposit and cashout options.  Sportsbooks always seem to find a way to keep on going even when traditional online poker rooms fail.

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