Suncoast Casino: Las Vegas Home of Seven Card Stud High/Low

Suncoast Casino is just a few minutes from my house in a suburb of Las Vegas called Summerlin.  I have come to enjoy their poker room for many reasons.  I thought I would share my great experience with you.

On Mondays at 2pm there is a 2-10-20 Seven Card Stud High/Low variation called a “Hoggie”.  In this variation there is a double qualifier.  There is the normal eight or better for low but to win high you must have two pair or better.  This causes the game to play somewhat like a razz game because a low can scoop if nobody makes two pair.  If nobody qualifies the pot is split among players still in the hand.  Also like razz the high card brings in, not the low card like in regular split stud.  The betting is $2 bringin and up to $10 except on seventh street a player can bet up to $20.  In addition to this if a player scoops a $100 pot they win a “Hoggie” and have to post a $10 kill.  The game is great and lasts well into the evening.

On Wednesdays and Thursday there is a much tamer $4/8 game with standard Seven Card Stud High/Low rules.  It starts around 10am.

The fact split stud is spread there isn’t the only reason I like the place.  The dealers get to know you by name and your habits.  The floor people get to know you as well.  You can $1.25/hr in food comps up to $9 a day as well.  The room is right by the escalator when you come in from the parking deck as well so you don’t have to hike across the casino like some other places.  If you like Seven Card Stud High/Low and are in Las Vegas it is worth the drive out to Summerlin for these games.  As far as I know there isn’t anywhere else in Las Vegas to play this game on a regular basis.

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  1. only other hi/low game is saturday mornings at the el cortex it is 1-3 spread and up to $6 on river, but sometimes it doesn’t even go now

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