Summary of the Bellagio Bandit Arrest Report

The Las Vegas Sun posted the arrest report of Anthony Carleo on their website.  Carleo was arrested on February 2, 2011 for the December 14th, 2010 robbery of a craps table at the Bellagio.  The report is 13 pages long.  Here is the summary of the arrest report.  This guy is not a criminal mastermind as you will find out.

Carleo parked his motorcycle at the north valet of the Bellagio.  The valet and another employee were checking out the motorcycle with no license plate and the keys in the ignition.  After robbing the craps table of $1,500,000 in chips Carleo returned to his bike and pointed the gun at the two employees and told them to move.  He then took off west on Flamingo.  Bellagio security tracked him to the area of the Rio where they and Las Vegas Metro lost him.

On December 23rd the first stolen chip showed up.  Two men attempted to cash in one of the $25,000 chips stolen.  They were detained by Bellagio security but were released after interviews.  The chip was confiscated and the two men were not paid.  Detectives were called and the two men were interviewed again.  Police were told an unidentified man handed the chip to a Salvation Army bell ringer.   The bell ringer and his friend were the ones attempting to cash in the chip.

Around that same time a dealer at the Bellagio went to the police stating that he thought Carleo was the Bellagio robber.  On December 5th Carleo had discussed with him how desperate he was for money.  On December 11th Carleo discussed with this dealer how easy he thought it would be to rob the casino seemingly looking for a partner for the crime.

On the day of the robbery, after hearing the news, the dealer contacted Carleo to see if he would be seeing him that night at the poker room.  Carleo claimed he was broke and was busy.  A few days later the dealer saw him with many high valued chips at the Bellagio.  The dealer accused him of the robbery but Carleo denied it.  There was further contact but the dealer felt scared and stopped contact after Carleo attempted to set up meetings in strange places such as a bathroom and theater.

For 2 weeks there was no contact between the two until the dealer was working and dealt to Carleo.  After losing an $11,000 pot Carleo left the table but shortly came back with several thousand in chips.  The poker room cashier confirmed that a $5000 chip was used for the transaction.

More police investigations revealed that the suspect had been prescribed a substantial amount of Oxycotin, a controlled narcotic.  Also he was found to have a motorcycle permit and a motorcycle matching the description of the one at the scene of the robbery.  Although he did not have any guns registered in his name five guns were registered to the house he resided in.  The guns were similar to the one used in the robbery.

Detectives then ran a search of Currency Transaction Reports and Suspicious Activity Reports.  These are forms that financial institutions and casinos must report when more than $10,000 in cash changes hands.  Carleo only had one gaming related report ever until the day of the robbery.  Then, starting with the day of the robbery, he had nine in eleven days.  Between the day of the robbery and January 22, 2011 he lost $107,000 including $72,000 on New Year’s Eve alone.

There were also countless local poker players that came forward.  These players claimed that they were offered $25,000 “Cranberry” chips for $10,000 cash.  Several conversations were recorded and an undercover buy was set up.

On January 24, 2011 the suspect’s table game play was analyzed.  The player had bought in for $104,600 but yet had managed to cash out $208,510.  Analysis of the player’s results showed he should have lost $99,200.  While it was possible this money was won playing poker it seemed too much to be possible.  It was much more likely he was introducing chips he did not win.  Bellagio security had been watching him since this was discovered.

Starting on January 19, 2011 Carleo started staying at the Bellagio.  He stayed there a week with fully comped room and meals.

On January 28, 2011 a poster at the online poker forum Two Plus Two came to the attention of investigators.  The username of the poster was Oceanspray25.  This would seem to be in reference to the brand name of a common cranberry juice.  Another poster was approached by the suspect and starting talking to him by email and phone and Carleo basically admitted being the Bellagio Bandit.  He tried to sell stolen chips to this other poster and described how he was getting desperate to cash in the stolen cranberries.  The IP address from the emails matched the address on the suspect’s driver’s license and a trace of the call showed it originated from the same address.

On January 28, 2011 undercover police set up a meeting on January 30th to buy a $25,000 chip from the suspect.  Two days later undercover police purchased four more chips.  The undercover discussed getting together as a crew to do more robberies such as robbing the Bellagio.  Carleo bragged that he had already robbed it.

The next day he was arrested at the Bellagio.  He admitted his involvement in the robbery.  That same day his girlfriend’s car and apartment were searched.  While nothing was found in the car sixteen $25,000 chips were found at her apartment.  She states that they must be her boyfriend’s chips.  Cash was also found and police were told that it was also her boyfriend’s money.

A search warrant was obtained for the suspect’s home.  Another resident of the house stated that they had gone on vacation on December 15, 2010 and when they returned the motorcycle was gone.  The suspect claimed to have sold it.  Seven more chips were found at this residence.

The suspect’s home is just a few minutes north of the Suncoast Casino off of Rampart Blvd.  The Suncoast’s poker room was robbed on December 8, 2010.  The suspect was also wearing a motorcycle helmet.  The robber seemed to have known about a rare higher limit game being played.  About $20,000 was stolen during that robbery.  After the robbery Carleo had also been gambling at Suncoast.  No other casinos reported having action from Carleo.

The full 13 page report can be found here.

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