Subject: Poker Says Goodbye to Poker News

Subject: Poker has decided to call it quits.  After breaking so many Black Friday related stories, especially Full Tilt Poker related news, Subject: Poker has decided that it is time to move on.  Founders Noah Stephens-Davidowitz and Thomas Bakker are launching a poker security consulting company.

Subject: Poker was a unique online poker news site.  Unhappy with the affiliate based news sites that did not always disclose the whole story, Subject: Poker launched to report poker news from a neutral standpoint.  Subject: Poker only reported on extremely informative, investigative news stories.  Their work will be missed by the online poker community.  They certainly filled a void in online poker news.

Being a part of the online poker news industry, I know the position of reporting investigative news without any real compensation.  It can be a thankless job.  I respected how heavy hitting Subject: Poker was and how they held nothing back.  Their goal was to report everything important in full.

Diamond Flush, one of the Subject: Poker writers, will be taking over a lot of the reporting that Subject: Poker is leaving behind on their own website Diamond Flush Poker.  Another good poker news website is PokerFuse.  PokerFuse also launched after Black Friday.  Their goal was to fill the poker news void with daily news that is not sponsored by online poker rooms.  They have done a great job doing so.  Check both of these websites as well as this one for poker news that is not bought and paid for by the poker rooms.

The Subject: Poker website will remain live and the article archive will remain on their website.  You can read their goodbye message here.

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