Stryyke’s LGA License Suspended

Stryyke, a long time slow pay/no pay sportsbook and online poker room, had their license suspended earlier this week by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (LGA).  The site operator was charged with defrauding players out of €50,000.  The amount owed to players and affiliates is almost certainly much higher than that.  Some have estimated the amount owed could be well into six figured.  Just the complaints at SBR total €30,000.  Slow pay and no pay complaints date back to 2008.

In June 2009 Stryyke left the Ongame Network and joined the Cake Poker Network.  The slow pay and no pay complaints continued.  With no end in sight players started to complain to the LGA who licensed Stryyke.  Now that their license has been suspended and the operator charged it would seem unlikely that players and affiliates will ever see their funds.  Hopefully this is not the case.  If you have an outstanding claim with Stryyke make sure to contact the LGA.  It may be your only chance of getting paid.

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