Station Casinos Adds Mobile Sports Betting

Screenshot of the new Sports Connection

The long awaited mobile app for Android phones has been launched by Station Casinos.  This application has been under development for two years.  The app went live this morning.  It replaces the old sports pagers used by Station Casinos sports bettors to make bets away from the casino.  All pagers must be returned so that players can get their deposits back.  Players that would like to continue mobile betting will required to set up a mobile account as the sports pagers will no longer be supported.  The mobile app can only be used within the state of Nevada.  The new Android app also replaces phone wagers which will no longer be accepted.

Adding an Android sports betting app is not the only innovation released today by Station Casinos.  The company also completely overhauled its online sports betting system called Sports Connection.  Instead of the buggy software that has been used for about two years, the software has been replaced by a website that is similar to offshore online sports books.

One noticeable difference is that players must log into a closed intranet system.  This system is hosted by Cox Communications.  This means that players must log off the standard internet while placing their bets and log into this private system.  The software does this automatically.  This prevents players outside of Nevada from using the service.  All players must be a Las Vegas Cox Communications customer to use the internet service.

In addition to a new mobile app and improved online wagering, players may also now deposit by debit or credit card.  All deposits and withdrawals must be made at a Station Casinos location.

Accounts must be created at a Station Casinos sports book.  Players are required to be 21 years of age or older with proper ID and have a Station Casinos Boarding Pass.  The player’s ID must not be near expiration.  Station Casinos will suspend a player’s account if their ID on file is within 14 days of expiration.  There are 17 Station Casinos in the Las Vegas Valley.  Locations include Red Rock Resort, Green Valley Ranch, Palace Station, and Boulder Station.

Players earn comps on their mobile and online sports wagers.  Every $500 wagered on sports awards $1 in comps.  Comps may be used for restaurants, hotel rooms, and free slot play. Another perk is that Sports Connection players that use Sprint as their mobile provider will receive 10% off of their monthly service.

This news comes just before the busiest time of the year.  Sports books all over Las Vegas are looking forward to NFL betting.  Players will soon be making their best NFL picks in an attempt to beat the sports books and leave Las Vegas a winner.

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    • Are you on Cox in Las Vegas? That is the only way PC will work. Are you saying the Android app isn’t working? I have not tried that yet. I could not get either Leroy or Cantor’s app to work on my Android because my hard drive on my phone is not big enough so I have not bothered to try the Station one figuring I will have same problem.

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