SportsInteraction No Longer Accepts New US Players

Another U.S. friendly sportsbook has stopped accepting new players from the United States.  SportsInteraction announced today that they will no longer accept new U.S. players effective immediately.  Just as when, PlayersOnly and BetUS stopped accepting new U.S. players, SportsInteraction will allow existing U.S. players with accounts to continue betting there.

Typically this time of the year is very slow for sportsbooks.  Hockey and NBA are almost over.  This only leaves baseball to bet on daily in the U.S. during the summer.   Combining the lack of sporting events with the payment processing issues felt by all U.S. facing gambling companies and it is no wonder the books want to take a breather and catch up.  During this down time I would not be surprised if these sportsbooks looked for ways to process more efficiently and maybe even start accepting new players in time for football season.

If you are a sports bettor in the U.S. and do not already have accounts at major sportsbooks this is the time to sign up before you get shut out.  There is no telling who the next sportsbook will be that blocks new U.S. players and it will likely come without notice.

One of the best U.S. facing sportsbooks is Bodog.  They are one of the strongest gaming brands in the world.  In addition to the standard sports all online sportsbooks have Bodog also offers MMA Betting.  If you do not have an account at Bodog now is the time to sign up.  It only takes a few minutes.

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