Sickest Thing I Have Seen Since Moving to Las Vegas

My domain name is a bit of a joke.  I took the name from an MSN spade player “Spadeaddict”.  I never thought it would ever be used for anything serious.  Little did I know how brandable and catchy it was.  I tried to buy the .com for as much as $2500 and the seller would not come off of it, telling me I was nowhere near his price.  An Everleaf Gaming skin now operates with the .com.  Personally, I think it is a terrible name for an online poker room, but that is an entirely different story.  I used the name Pokeraddict as a joke years ago and it stuck, but last night I saw first hand how it could not be a joke to some people.

After playing bad deep in a HORSE tournament at M Resort, I stopped at a video poker bar that has good video poker, high quality wine, and a good player’s club.  The actual place is irrelevant.  There is no reason to call them out.  It is a higher end bar.

I went there to relax and have a couple of glasses of wine. I needed to calm down from my implosion in the tournament.  I sat next to an attractive, professional looking woman in her 30’s at the only seat open with a machine at the bar.  I am friends with the bartender and he introduced us.  We had some small talk and I played.  After a while it was obvious this woman was on a major tilt.  She was shoving $100 bills in the video poker machine every few minutes.

I noticed that this woman had no idea what the basic strategy was for the game that she was playing.  She was playing 9/5 Double Double Bonus which is a very high variance game.  She was misplaying many of her hands, causing her to lose much more than what the typical expected loss would be.  After seeing this, the woman told me that she always wins playing video poker except for the last two days.  I knew that was impossible but just nodded.  Through some of our discussion, I realized she had no idea how the machine even worked.

She then started getting really upset.  She went on a “These machines are rigged” rant.  She must not have truly thought that, because she went to the ATM and took out what appeared to be a $2000 cash advance from her credit card.  When she came back, she told me she was already stuck over $1000 that day and dumped $3000 the day before.  Before I had finished my second glass of wine, she had managed to dump her entire $2000 cash advance into the video poker machine.

She broke down some more, then tried to take out more money from the ATM.  I called the bartender over and we agreed she needed to go.  They need her to leave on her own, they cannot just ban someone for losing too much money.  Before the discussion could begin, she sat back down and got on her phone.  Her second attempt at a cash advance failed and she was calling American Express to find out why.  She was drunk and screaming at the AMEX customer service.  It seems she is in major debt to them and had reached her cash advance limit, at least for the day. She screamed “I’m going to stop paying my bill if you do not approve my cash advance” which is not the way to get a bank to loan you money.  I think she is lucky AMEX stopped her from spewing more.

When she hangs up, the bartender and I try to convince her to leave but she took some major offense to it.  She went back to the ATM and came back with $60.  She proclaimed she would win it all back with that $60.  She told me that was all the money she had left in the bank and needed to win to cover her bills.  In just a few minutes, it was gone.

She sat at the machine for a few minutes with a dazed and blank look on her face.  She then proceeded to ask the bartender for money.  That was not going to happen.  She then made a statement to me that I will not put on my blog.  I will just say she offered to take care of me (or any man I guess) in the parking lot for $500.  She knew if she could get just $500 more, she could win all of her money back.  I was speechless and never really acknowledged that I heard it.  This classy looking woman was willing to sell herself for more gambling money and I am sure she was serious as she had a desperate look.  Maybe she had done that before, who knows.

She then had a complete mental breakdown.  She badmouthed her husband who she says pays no attention to her, the bartender, the bar, and Las Vegas as a whole.  I could not bring myself to move to another seat or leave, my intent was helping the bartender get her out of there.  She had lost all of her money, was desperate, and was completely wasted.  She could not get herself home and needed help.  I certainly wanted nothing to do with getting her home, especially after her indecent proposal.  The bartender and the woman figured out some arrangement and a ride service came and picked her up.

What I saw last night has left me sick to my stomach.  It affected me all day so I figured I would write about it.  I have seen people spew over $10,000 in chips at a poker table in just a few hours and thought nothing of it.  When that has happened, the losing player has always taken it in stride.  I always assumed players that lost that much could afford it.  The way this woman acted, it was as if her life had been ruined over her video poker binges.

Even if this bar banned the woman, there are hundreds of other places to gamble including all grocery stores and gas stations.  Nobody can save her from that but herself.  I saw first hand tonight how a gambling addiction can destroy someone.  I had never seen anything like it before, and even though I know it goes on in this city every day, I hope I never see it again.

2 thoughts on “Sickest Thing I Have Seen Since Moving to Las Vegas

  1. (Obviously the name is fake that I used) man, I am not surprised by this woman’s actions. I know that I have more self control or more intelligence whatever it is to stay away from gambling period. Don’t get me wrong, I have probably spent $50 but that’s it and in my lifetime. I think the best way to ‘win’ money is to earn it. Too much desperation with gambling for some. I guess what brought me to this site is that my husband is addicted to gambling. He has stolen my debit card while I was asleep, and basically tricked me into giving me the atm pin number the night before but it didn’t even dawn on me what he was trying to do….too long of a story to post on here, he has stolen the money bag from our yard sale earnings, pawned his tools, snapon toolbox, sold his motorcycle, purchased guns with his credit card to turn around and pawn those for less cash! It’s utterly sickening! He has put us in more debt than I want to admit. I don’t even know why I stay. They can’t be helped. They have to want to themselves.

    • Gambling addiction is real and depressing to watch. I joked about it with this nickname a long time ago but it is real and destroys people. I have seen so many desperate people here that lose a week’s wage or more in a session. I hope your husband wakes up one day and realizes the financial destruction.

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