Shoot to Win Video Craps in Las Vegas

There is a new craps game that has been introduced in Las Vegas.  For those players that want a break from the table game of craps or do not want to bet the $5-10 minimum required at the tables, this game is for you.  Aruze Gaming has brought this “Shoot to Win” Craps game to Las Vegas.

This game is not like the previous video craps games that I have seen.  The last time that I saw a video craps game it was in Deadwood, SD.  The game was Hot Shot Dice.  The player that was shooting would roll a trackball similar to the video game Centipede to roll the dice.  The game was actually “Never Ever Craps” which meant there was no don’t bet and all numbers were points except 7′s.

Unlike the previous video craps game, Shoot to Win Craps actually uses two dice.  My wife refers to them as “Fuzzy Dice” but I think they are more like the Dice Game on The Price is Right. Players make their wagers on a touch screen.  Players have 20 seconds to make their wagers.  Once the timer is up, the player that is the shooter acts.  The dice start vibrating on the felt and when the shooter is ready, they hit the plunger in front of them.  To use another game show as an analogy, it is like “Press Your Luck”.  You may find yourself yelling “No Whammies, No Whammies” before you press the plunger.  If you take more than 20 seconds the machine will roll for you.

Players can bet from both the pass line and don’t pass line.  Players can also continue with come and don’t come bets.  Players can bet up to 5 times odds from the pass side, and lay up to 5 times from the don’t side.  The don’t side is laying 5 times the actual bet, not times the actual win like table games would be.  Shoot to Win Craps also offers hop bets, field bets where 12 only pays double, lay bets, place to lose, place to win and buy.  The standard prop bets are also offered including any craps, horn, and individual craps and eleven bets.

This machine is great for those just learning craps.  There is no rush and it is easy to learn.  Each bet on the board has a help feature associated with it.  This is also a good game to play if you want to have a little fun at a slow pace, especially if the drink service is good.  I have seen this machine at several MGM properties including Monte Carlo and NYNY.  I have also seen it at Riviera and at Red Rock.  In most cases, points are not earned, but you should still use your player’s card.  Your play is still being tracked as if it was a table game so your betting patterns will be rated.  Riviera gave me a comp to their steakhouse based  off of the play associated with the first time I played this game.  I was betting high for this machine, but I killed it betting from the don’t so it was mostly a freeroll on the large bets I made.

While the minimum bet was $1-2 where I have found it, the max bet ranges from $25 to $200.  I cannot imagine this is a good game for high rollers.  It is too slow and too social of a game for serious gamblers.  I would also imagine that betting large amounts of money on this game would draw a lot of attention from passersby and maybe even from the eye in the sky.  You will also become annoyed by the voices from the machine that yell things like “You can be the shooter” and “Everyone gets a chance to roll the dice”.

2 thoughts on “Shoot to Win Video Craps in Las Vegas

  1. My understanding is that even if this game does not offer points for a certain, I should still use my players card at that casino. How does the casino determine my comps? How do I know how much comps that I may be entitled to based upon my bet action. Thanks.

    • The casino is rating you as a table game player when they do not pay points but accepts a players card. The general rule for these types of comps is 20% or so of the theoretical vig.

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