SCOSSA High-Low Craps Available on the Apple App Store

I wrote about Scossa a few years ago and it is a popular post on my blog.  It is no longer available in casinos, but the game inventor turned it into an app.  I thought the readers looking for Scossa would enjoy this press release on the game.

You can download the app here.

Dallas, Texas, January 20, 2015 –Available today, SCOSSA® High-Low Craps is a new, free-to-play casino dice game that preserves the excitement and speed of play of craps while embracing the simplicity of roulette. Casino action at its best!

The app is geared towards novice to intermediate players, but also appeals to more experienced gamblers. If you have ever played Roulette or Craps, you’ll love this game. Even if you haven’t, SCOSSA® is easy to learn, fun to play and allows you to win big. If you are heading to a Casino to play craps, SCOSSA® is a great way to learn the odds and develop a betting strategy. Simply place your bets, roll the dice, and instantly know whether you lost or won. Sound familiar? It is really quite simple! In fact, some players have commented that it is “like playing Roulette with Dice.”

Like Roulette, you can place straight number bets, split bets or range bets. Similar to craps, you can place hard way bets, or the NEW split-hard way bets, then Roll, Swipe or Shake the device to roll the dice to determine the outcome.  Added to the excitement, bet on Triple 7’s…roll three consecutive 7’s and the payout is 200 to 1!  Other features are a display showing your last five rolls - great for developing a betting strategy; and social media so you can refer friends, watch a video ad, or post your success for FREE chips.

“Just make your bets and throw the dice. In other words, the game has the simplicity of roulette but is played with dice just like craps. Compared to craps, the odds are a lot better…” said Michael Shackleford from the Wizard of Odds, best known for professional analysis of the mathematics of casino games.

SCOSSA® High-Low Craps is available for free download worldwide on the Apple App Store.  Please visit for more information about SCOSSA® High-Low Craps.  The game is developed by Brill Entertainment, LLC in Dallas, TX founded in 2010.

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