Scossa Dice Game at Red Rock Casino

Scossa is no longer available in casinos.  The game has been redesigned and developed into an app.  Read more about that here.

I noticed last night that there was a new dice game at Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas.  I had seen the table earlier in the week but when I asked about it nobody knew when it would open.  Last night it was open for the first time.  I picked up a brochure on the game and watched.

The first thing most people think of when they see dice in a casino is craps.  Craps requires some thought, maybe even a little strategy, but mostly the game is luck.  Typically though you get a lot more rolls for your money on craps because there are a lot of pushes on line bets when the roll is neither the point or a seven.  The house advantage in craps is also low compared to most house games.

In Scossa, a fancy name for “Roulette with Dice”, there is no strategy and no pushes.  Virtually every roll is a one bet roll.  You are basically betting what exact number will be rolled on that throw of the dice.  You either win now or you lose now.  There is one bet that lasts more than one roll.  It is the 200-1 triple sevens bet.  If three sevens in a row are thrown you will win 200-1.  The problem is that it will happen only once every 216 times for a house advantage of 7%.  If you think about it though 7% hold on a 200-1 shot really isn’t that bad.

The lowest house advantage rolls on this table are the pairs.  If you bet 2, 12 or a hard 4,6,8 or 10 you will get 34-1.  True odds would pay 35-1 so the hold is only 2.78%.  The strange thing about this game is that the bets that pay back higher, typically the sucker bets, are actually the ones with the lowest house advantage.  The worst bets on the table are the 4, 7 and 10. When the shooter throws a 2, 3, or 12 their roll is over and the dice move.  On average a roller will get 9 rolls before they lose the dice.  Unlike in craps though there is no crap out, those rolls are just used as a time to pass the dice.

Scossa seems incredibly pointless to me.  It seems like it is aimed at the complete degenerate that cannot handle waiting a few rolls to see if their pass line bet won in craps.  I guess it is also aimed at people that do not want to learn craps but want to throw the dice in a casino.  It is a cross between dice and roulette.  They even use a roulette marker to mark the roll and colored roulette chips for the players so that player bets do not get confused.

There is also a line to bet a seven for the dealer.  The house advantage on that roll is 8.3%.  I am sure the dealers would just rather you handed a tip in instead of betting high house advantage bets for them.  The only other place I have ever seen a dealer tip on a gambling felt was a blackjack table at Bodega in Deadwood, SD.  At least there they were getting you to make a bet for the dealers at .4% house advantage, not 8.3%.  Also the tiny circle on the Bodega’s blackjack table was nowhere near as in your face as the Scossa table’s dealer tip area is on a Scossa table.

Since I think the game is pointless it will probably become the new craze in Las Vegas.  The people that were playing it were certainly enjoying themselves so I am sure this game appeals to some people.  I do not see the point of roulette or keno but people play it so if this sounds like fun to you then good luck and have fun.  Red Rock certainly takes care of their players so it is at a great host casino.

I am too lazy to chart the odds since the Wizard of Odds already has.  Check out his Scossa odds page here.

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