Sahara Poker Tournaments Move to Stratosphere

One of the best low limit, no limit Texas Holdem tournaments in Las Vegas has moved.  As you may know Sahara in Las Vegas is closing on May 16th at 2pm.  The poker room has already moved all of its poker tournaments to the Stratosphere.  Tournaments start at 11am, 7pm and 11pm and are all No Limit Texas Holdem. It is the exact same structure, game and times that Sahara hosted.

The Stratosphere is going all out to attract the regular players from Sahara.  They have added promotions and comps to make everyone feel welcome.  You can see all of the current information here.

Even though the Sahara poker room is open it is basically out of business.  They gave away all of their jackpot money last week and that subsequently killed the games.  All of the red chips have been taken out of the poker room so they cannot even host a no limit game.  The only games Sahara is capable of hosting are low limit, fixed limit Texas Holdem such as 2/4 or 3/6.

It is sad to see a Las Vegas legend close down.  It appears it will close at 2pm on May 16th without any fanfare.  If you have been wanting to say goodbye you should probably visit soon as it is becoming more and more of a ghost town with every passing day.

2 thoughts on “Sahara Poker Tournaments Move to Stratosphere

  1. WOW! Talk about a ghost town, I went to Sahara last night at 7, thinking the poker tournament was still there… there wasn’t one single person in the poker room, not even an employee.. there mightve been 50 people total in the whoooole casino, kinda sad actually…

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