Sahara Casino in Las Vegas Closes

I arrived at Sahara in Las Vegas at about noon today, two hours before the scheduled closing time.  When I arrived all of the table games were already closed down.  Every machine in the casino north of the player’s center was unplugged.  This included the machines near the poker room, local’s lane and the machines on the way to the NASCAR Cafe.

Even in the main casino area about one third of the machines were either unplugged or the monitors stated that they were out of order.  It was also too late to buy any casino chips as souvenirs.  The cashier cage had a sign stating that chips were no longer for sale. I went around the casino looking for photo opportunities.  Much of the memorabilia had been stripped from the walls.  Maybe this was done so that nobody would walk off with a souvenir.  The bar had sold most of its liquor.  There were a few random bottles behind the bar but for the most part beer was all that you could get.  There was a large crowd around the main bar getting one last drink before the Sahara closed for good.

By 1pm more slot machines had been taken offline and there was little to do.  Security had begun to encourage people to leave.  At this point people were going behind the pit table games and acting like they were the pit boss or the roulette dealer.  By 1:30pm security was making their way around asking people to leave.  Within a few minutes all of the machines had been taken offline. Without any fanfare Sahara, at least in its current form, closed forever.  I took a few pictures but there were few photo opportunities.  I took some last night and some today. RIP Sahara 1952-2011.

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