Sahara Friday Night Jackpot Giveaway Trip Report

My wife and I went to Sahara on the Las Vegas Strip Friday night and met a group of friends to try to win our share of the progressive jackpot money Sahara was giving away as required by law.  Sahara gave 62 people $500 and one person $507.  There were four no shows so four additional names got drawn.  It must have been the busiest Sahara has been in decades.  I would imagine there were about 1500 people just in the area of the drawings.  It was chaos but was at the same time orderly.

The group of us went back to the NASCAR Bar and got loaded off what little selection of liquor was left.  It was mostly cheap stuff and they were basically giving it away.  After the group thinned we got some pictures around the place including us posing on the NASCAR cars and on the abandoned poker room tables.  Nobody there seemed to care what you did.  I guess if I was getting fired in two days I would not care either.  It is not like we could hurt anything, the place is falling apart.

Even though none of us won any of the jackpot giveaway it was a great time.  I am glad we decided to go spend one last Friday night at Sahara.  Sahara closes Monday, May 16 at 2pm.  It appears there will be no celebration as Friday night seemed to be their big going away party.

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