RPM Poker Scandal at Two Plus Two

I am leaving this article up, but I feel RPM Poker has redeemed itself.  Their forum behavior has been acceptable and they have been paying their players quickly through both checks and cash transfers.  If you are looking to sign up for RPM Poker, click here for 35% rakeback.

Original Story

RPM Poker, a member of the Merge Gaming Network, has been caught at Two Plus Two for using shill accounts.  It is not the use of shill accounts that is causing the problems.  It is what RPM Seth did with those shill accounts that is so disturbing.

RPM Poker has a sponsored forum on Two Plus Two.  These shill accounts were used to create conversation in that forum.  While against the rules, that is not a big issue.  It is what else was done with those accounts that has him in trouble with the online poker community.

As you see from this post that is a short list of the offenses.  You can follow the thread here starting at post #526.  The thread may get split up but I am sure you will easily find it in NVG if it does (new thread was started).  The offenses include bashing competing skins, bashing poker media anonymously and trading in Merge Gaming chips for less than face value, in one instance at $.75 on the dollar.  I have a feeling Merge Gaming will be extremely upset about the skin bashing and especially the lowball chip trades that were made.

This is really disappointing.  I am not disturbed much by the shill accounts.  I guess I have become immune to that over the years of being a moderator at Two Plus Two.  What really bothers me is that they were trading money on their own network for less than face value.  That is really abusing their position on the network.  The network is taking 4-10 weeks to process checks to U.S. players so they took advantage of that by making a 25% juice buying chips back.

In another thread they are selling RPM Poker chips under a different username.  Why are they selling chips on their own skin anonymously?  I would think that would be something that could be done openly.  If Merge Gaming forbids that, then it is another problem they are going to have.

They drew attention to themselves by bashing the author of the Subject Poker Merge DOJ story.  A short investigation showed that under shill accounts they were bashing competing Merge Gaming skins, selling RPM Poker money and buying Merge money at $.75 on the dollar short changing U.S. players as they took advantage of their own slow processing.

While this does not really affect the operations I still suggest avoiding RPM Poker.  If they are going to buy back their chips at a steep discount due to their own processing issues, and not even tell you who they are, then I have to wonder what else they are doing that is shady.

Edit: RPM Seth denies that any funds were ever traded.  They state that they were looking for other operators that were doing the same thing and that it was a sting operation.  So far no players have come forward stating that they ever made a trade.  Still though, the posts lowered the value of Merge money being traded.  This is what happens when operators make shill accounts.  Even if the chip exchange posts were a sting, their other actions make that harder to believe.

3 thoughts on “RPM Poker Scandal at Two Plus Two

  1. You left out the flimsy excuse for using the shill account (“Merge doesn’t allow comments on speculative articles”). If you think about it, that statement was just a backhanded way of putting down Subject Poker’s article, yet again. What an apology, right?

    The fact is, Lock, Carbon and Hero poker all posted on their public, official accounts, responding to the Subject Poker article. You would be hard pressed to believe that those three skins were doing so against the wishes of the usually docile Merge Network, and that RPM Seth was the good guy, following the rules, having to resort to his shill account that he was caught PM spamming on back in January.

    Carbon and Lock made poor responses to the SP article. But at least those were made publicly (Hero Poker once again shines as the true customer service leader on Merge).

    The final aspect to this that you didn’t touch on (and it probably wasn’t appropriate to do so in your actual post), is Seth’s reaction to “getting caught.” Backhanded apology + stonewall, it’s pretty pathetic. Everybody on twoplustwo knows how Mason can handle shady behavior in the community at times, Seth should too. This is twice now that he got off incredibly light for his actions, and he should be on his hands and knees thanking those that run 2p2. Not only that, but to get some votes of confidence in the posts of Mat Sklansky and Bobo in that thread, he really owes those guys a ton here for sticking their necks out for him.

    But instead he acts like that spoiled rich kid that keeps getting chances. Hopefully there is no next time, but if the pattern repeats, the next scandal surrounding RPM will only be larger.

  2. I saw this thread linked from 2+2 and I am too stoned to have a coherent take on THE ISSUES, I’m gonna post a nice stabby song if you don’t mind

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