R Steak and Seafood at Riviera – Thumbs Up

The Riviera Casino in Las Vegas issued me a comp to their new R Steak and Seafood for my birthday.  It was a surprise comp because I hardly ever go in there, but I took them up on their offer.  I saw many reviews that were positive on websites like Yelp so I had some higher expectations.  I must say that they met and exceeded everything that I read.

It was a very busy Saturday night.  It seemed that the rush took them by surprise.  There was an agriculture type convention in town that seemed to have let out around the time we chose for dinner.  Since we had a comp they were able to get us seated even though there was a long wait.  It sounded like having to wait was rare, it was poor timing on our part.

The design and ambiance was top notch but the clientele were every day people.  People were dressed at every spectrum.  There were coat and ties, and there were people in overalls.  This place was definitely come as you are.

We ordered a bottle of wine that was perfect for our tastes.  My wife and I started with the Miso Buttered Seared Scallops and Lobster Bisque.  While we waited, a baguette was delivered to our table with three different types of butter.  All three were delicious.  The appetizers came and they were excellent, the scallops were perfect.

Our steaks came and were of excellent flavor and quality.  The spice from the rub was a little strong so if you do not like rubs on a steak you can request it without.  The sauteed mushrooms and potatoes were great as well.  We ordered the swan desert which is a cream puff with ice cream and whipped cream.  The cream puff was bland, but the ice cream and whipped cream tasted great.

The food was of very high quality, something that might surprise many people familiar with the Riviera.  What was even more surprising was the cost.  The 6 ounce filet was $20, the 18 ounce bone in ribeye was $26.  Considering the quality, these were excellent prices.  The appetizers and soups were around $10 and the side dishes were $5.

The service was great, attentive and elegant.  The presentation was impressive from every angle.  Management made sure the guests were happy and the wine glasses were never empty.

If you are looking for a great steak dinner without having to pay a fortune for it, I highly recommend R Steak and Seafood at Riviera.  I am not a restaurant reviewer but have tried many steakhouses in Las Vegas.  There is no better restaurant for the price in the city.  R Steakhouse and Seafood easily rivals restaurants that charge twice as much.

— The prices have gone up about 20-30% since I wrote this review.  The quality is still there though and I feel R Steak and Seafood is still a great value.  There are many locals coupons floating around for a free bottle of house wine with the purchase of two entrees and there is a Groupon available during many weekday nights.

R Steakhouse and Seafood Website

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