Riviera $1000 Slot Play Freeroll

Riviera pulled this promotion.  It is no longer available and is not likely to come back.

Riviera Las Vegas is offering players a $1000 freeroll on slots.  It appears that this play is also valid for video poker machines.  Any machine in the casino should qualify as long as it pays points.  This would disqualify some video versions of table games, including video blackjack and Shoot to Win Craps. Table games do not qualify for this promotion.

Riviera will reimburse losses up to $1000 in a single day on a tiered system.  The chart can be found in the image on this page.  A playing day starts when a player first arrives and visits the player’s club to get a new card.  A player has until 11:59pm on that same day to claim reimbursement of their losses.  If a player fails to go to the player’s club before 11:59pm on their first day of play, they will forfeit all rights to the promotion.

The promotion is returned in free slot play.  Half of the loss return is added to the player’s card immediately.  The other half is added on the third of the following month and expires after one year.  A player can release the free play right at the machine of their choice.

The best way to play this promotion is to play the highest limit slots or video poker that you can find.  Riviera has slots up to $25, and video poker up to $5.  The $5 video poker can be played as high as $25 a hand.  The best strategy is to play for a large jackpot and not not need the promotion.  This is a good time to play recklessly and way over your bankroll hoping to hit a big win.  If a player loses and gets the free play, I suggest playing lower in an attempt to lower the variance to get their money back through the free slot play.

This is an interesting promotion.  Riviera is proving once again that they have no problem taking a big chance with a promotion in an attempt to get their name out there and bring players in the door.  The terms show that they reserve the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any given time so I suggest not waiting too long to hit this.  If I did not have a player’s card there already I would be taking advantage of this as soon as possible.  Mrs. Pokeraddict also has a player’s card there, so this household is going to miss out on this promo.

Edit: Riviera has made a lot of changes from the original promotion.  Multi hand video poker cannot be played for this promotion.  Video poker machines higher than $1 do not qualify for this promotion.  Some high denomination slots have also been removed from the promotion.

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