EcheckUS Busted By Feds?

It would appear EcheckUS is the latest processor to go down in the world of online gambling.  This morning Fortune Lounge emailed their players stating that EcheckUS would no longer be a deposit option.  EcheckUS also serviced Merge Gaming, Cereus and several online casinos where the option is no longer available.  There was also a report by a long time Two Plus Two poster that an online gaming processor was seized by the feds in Houston, Texas earlier in the week.  This post was made about the time EcheckUS pulled their website and their option was removed from gaming sites.

I did some research and EcheckUS appears to have been located in Houston.  That is what their Whois info shows.  If this poster’s story is correct then it is safe to assume that EcheckUS was the processor that got seized by federal agents.  At this point there is no news on what will happen to player balances.  I will continue to follow this story.

10 thoughts on “EcheckUS Busted By Feds?

  1. Do you have any news about this situation? I made a deposit with echeckus just before they shut down and it hasn’t cleared my account yet. Just wanna know what is going to happen to my money.

  2. I have not heard anything more. When Neteller got shut down in the U.S. it took about a year for players to get their money. It is likely you will get your money in my opinion but it will not be a quick process.

    • What about if you made a deposit through them and it hasn’t cleared your bank account yet? If they were shut down, will they still receive money from people who were in the middle of a transaction with them when they were seized? Does that make sense? What happened with the NetTeller case. Did they complete pending deposits? Any information would be helpful. Thanks for the reply.

      • With Neteller it took 9-12 months for players to get their money but if a site had received a deposit they got it. My bigger concern here is that the feds may have seized all of the money. If that is the case your deposit may not have gotten processed. If that is the case and you won you might run into a cashout issue.

  3. I know it saved me a bundle. I deposited 800 through echecksus and not one of them cleared and three weeks ago I used that money to win about 4000 and cashed out of fulltilt. Got my money three days ago. Made $4000 without spending a dime.

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    • I doubt the funds will ever be repaid by echeckus as the feds seem to have seized their bank accounts. Was it confirmed that the casino transferred it to Echeckus? If so then I think you are going to have a lot of trouble collecting. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  5. Any new news on this? I made a withdraw from right before they were seized and haven’t received anything from them.

    • I have not heard anything. Considering all of the other money that vanished with Black Friday and through UseMyWallet/Quicktender I just cannot think this money will ever be seen again. That includes echeckus. I suggest contacting your senators and house rep. At the very least it will get the issue some attention although they are unlikely to want to get involved. I wish I had a better answer.

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