QuadJack Interview With AJ Grant About Online Poker Raids

QuadJacks has been very informative on their radio shows about everything related to Black Friday.  Today was one of the most informative shows they have had to date.  AJ Grant, a former Costa Rica law enforcement agent, former Absolute Poker security employee and industry insider had a lot of inside information about today’s online poker raids.

The major points made by AJ Grant are that Interpol and the FBI were more behind the raids than the OIJ.  The labor dispute between IDS and Cereus were used as the main reason to gain access to both Absolute Poker and PokerStars but the FBI and Interpol wanted computers from both companies as well as interviews with about 10 employees from each company.

According to AJ Grant both Scott Tom and Brent Beckley are very likely to still be  in Costa Rica.  Chuck Kidd, CEO of PPN,  went on to say that Brent Beckley was head of payment processing for Absolute Poker and Scott Tom was still running the Cereus Network.

Even though the interview is about 25 minutes long it is an incredible show.  It is very much worth the time to listen.  You can listen to the show here.

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