PokerStars Cashouts Arrive in US Player Bank Accounts

I requested my PokerStars cashout on Tuesday, April 26.  On Friday the 29th I received a confirmation that my cashout had been paid to my bank account.  It was after business hours so it has not showed up in my account yet.  Many players are reporting that they also requested their PokerStars cashout on Tuesday and started receiving them as early as Thursday.  Even though my withdrawal has not shown up in my bank yet I am confident it will be there early next week.

At this point Full Tilt Poker still has not processed U.S. cashouts.  In the US Full Tilt Poker FAQ they state that they will have an announcement in the coming week about when U.S. players can expect to receive their money.  The Cereus Network, consisting of Absolute Poker and UB, still have not settled with the U.S. government.  In fact they are still allowing U.S. players to play provided they already had a balance.  U.S. players still cannot deposit, cashout or make transfers.

Players outside the U.S. are still only allowed to cashout $250 a week.  Some non U.S. player report receiving their cashout within a few hours while other non U.S. players have reported that they requested $250 over a week ago and still have not received it.  There is no doubt that there are liquidity issues on the Cereus Poker Network.

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