PokerStars Bans All US Players

PokerStars, the largest online poker room in the world, looks like it may have met its match.  As I reported earlier PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and (formerly Ultimate Bet) had their domains seized by the US Attorneys office in New York.  They also had at least 75 bank accounts seized between them and the founders were indicted.

Now Poker Stars has decided to ban all U.S. players.  Any player still playing can continue it seems.  If a U.S. player gets up they cannot sit back down.  This will obviously cause a major crash in traffic for PokerStars.  As of now Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and still accept U.S. players but that could change at any time.  The landscape of online poker may have changed forever today.

I was able to make a cashout and request bank transfer.  I received confirmation that it was processed within about 15 minutes.  Hopefully this was true and we don’t have another EwalletXpress or Neteller debacle on our hands.

Next I will be writing an editorial on my opinion of this absurd witch hunt.  The federal government got on China and Egypt about their lack of internet freedom, then the federal government pulls this crap.

11 thoughts on “PokerStars Bans All US Players

  1. Dear pokeraddict,

    I’m glad I found your blog. I cashed out at Pokerstars too, as soon as I saw that there was not single other US player at any game I could find anywhere. I was afraid it was something as major as this. I’m going to read up about the other recent events, because I didn’t know about them at all until now. This is one of the most tragic events, and a huge blow to freedom. This was our game – we invented it – and we are supposed to be a free nation. The government has absolutely no right to do this.

    I believe one of our main defenses against this violation of our freedom is to communicate with each other, with everyone who shares the interest. And it’s quite a serious matter. I’m going to search and research these issues, because obviously before today I was not well enough informed. Thanks for your blog, sir.

    • That is true but my concern if I were outside the U.S. is what the traffic will be life on PokerStars. If you play earlier in the day when few U.S. players would be online anyway then it will likely not change much but if you play late in the day in games with a lot of U.S. players then you will notice a major traffic difference.

  2. The fact that the US are only target international Poker sites, shows it is a dark day for country indeed. If you’re going to bring up a lawsuit like this, the US government could at least base it on some facts. First off, as citizen we have right to store our money in banks and spend if for and what we want — yet there case against the big three Poker sites (Absolute Poker, Pokerstars, and UltimateBet) is based on alleged fraud by the companies to circumvent a 2006 statute that half of the governing bodies can’t even explain. Based on that law in 2006 over poker sites like Doyle’s Room, 888 Poker, and WWE Poker would also be illegal as well. But we see no prosecution for them because they are American based companies. Secondly, bank are allowed to circumvent the law to charge US customers fee after fee for no good reason, so I say if a player want to invest money in trying to win something at Pokerstars so be it. The fact the US government (mainly the goddamn Tea Party) has put it into their heads to regulate sin and vice, this country freedoms will continue to be impeded and trampled on. It is about time for us a group to stand and the government to stop meddling in our personal lives and start doing something useful — like creating some employment so people can have more money to spend on those vices there trying to profit on.

  3. First off, everyone in the UK can just piss off. Without the US your country would be part of Germany right now. As a matter of fact, without the US a LOT of countries would be screwed. Personally, I think we should let whatever is going to happen to the rest of the world just happen and deal with our own country, but the sad truth is YOU cannot survive without us. WE don’t need you at all. So live it up over the gambling thing. We still have casinos all over the place, we can still play for free online, I seriously doubt anyone here is losing sleep over this. I live 45 minutes from the largest casino in the US. That works for me.

  4. Couldn’t be happier. Pokerstars had European mafia hands all over it. I’m glad it’s gone. Anyone in the U.S. who knows anything can take a hundred bucks to the casino that inevitably operates less than an hour away from them and play a legitimate game without an “r.c.g” deciding the outcome of a hand against a “random” competitor.

    I’m mad that I lost enough FPP’s to get a T-Shirt- but I’m glad that the FBI is preventing crooks from taking money from people who are too stupid to think about not throwing their money away. Most Americans are borderline retarded- and need the FBI to protect them from “easy money”, and 100% first deposit schemes.

    Go play cards in an actual poker room- spot the player who’s been conditioned to play online, and send them to the atm before the seat gets warm, and back again before they sit down again.

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