PokerStars Allows US Players to Cashout

PokerStars is now allowing U.S. players to cash out.  When players login to PokerStars there is a pop up that tells players that they can now cashout.  When a U.S. player clicks on the cashier there is a pop up that forces them to cashout everything in their account.  Players have three options.  They can receive a check by mail, an electronic funds transfer, or a bank wire.  All tournament tickets and step tickets were converted to cash.

I had requested a cashout on Black Friday but it got reversed and I had to request it again.  If you had a cashout pending log back into your PokerStars account.  You will probably have to request it again.  I will let everyone know when I receive my cashout.

2 thoughts on “PokerStars Allows US Players to Cashout

  1. Excellent news, thanks for the update. I was really starting to worry about Pokerstars. I bet there will be huge delay due to the volume but I can live with that.

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