and Ebay Auctions End and were listed in separate auctions on Ebay by Protos Marketing.  Protos Marketing is the parent company of well known online poker related websites such as and  Protos Marketing decided to take a unique direction with the sale of two websites.  They decided to put Poker News Daily and Poker Terms up for auction on Ebay.

Poker News Daily is an online poker news site.  Poker news can be a tough niche to make monetize, especially if you have to buy your content from freelance writers.  Since Black Friday the number of articles posted on Poker News Daily had dropped to about one per day.  As poker news sites go that is not enough to maintain a loyal following.  Black Friday was a terrible blow for all major U.S. focused online poker sites but news sites that rely on poker affiliate ads were especially hit hard.  In the end Poker News Daily sold for $63,100.

Poker Terms is a poker dictionary.  While the web site itself is not easy to monetize the site is great for link building.  A new owner that uses the website properly will be rewarded as long as they do not over do it with selling backlinks.  Poker Terms sold for $8359.

This was a fun way for the sites to sell.  Many people made friendly wagers on what the websites would sell for.  I made the Poker News Daily over/under $68,000 and my friend took the over.  He then made the Poker Terms line $12,599 and I took the under so I won both of my friendly wagers.  My $68,000 over/under was used by others as well.

Protos Marketing had this to say about the Poker News Daily auction.  “The goal was to sell the site, so we are happy. More is always better and less is always worse, but it’s not too far away in either direction from other offers we were getting and what we were expecting.

Most importantly, it was a fun experiment and we accomplished our primary goal here. Hopefully PokerTerms will end at a decent price as well”.

I agree that this was a fun experiment.  I know that many in the industry enjoyed watching the bidding, especially the last minute where the price went up $13,000 on Poker News Daily.  I wonder if any other affiliates are considering putting their properties up for auction on Ebay.  Maybe I can make some more good over/under lines for some more forum fun if they do.

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