Poker Traffic Shifting From All Countries

There has been a shift from PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker not just from U.S. players who are now banned from those online poker rooms but also from players all over the world adjusting to the new level of traffic on the formerly U.S. friendly rooms.

According to PokerStars traffic is down 18% from last Saturday, Full Tilt’s traffic is down 40% and Cereus is down 20%.

The online poker rooms that are still U.S. friendly are all up today from last Saturday.  Everleaf Gaming is up 11%, Cake Poker is up 5%, Bodog is even and Merge Gaming is up 5%.  These numbers are based on week over week peak traffic.

Using the same week over week peak numbers Non U.S. sites benefited from PokerStars and Full Tilt’s woes as well.  iPoker, Ongame and Party Poker were up all up 2% on the day.  I would expect these non U.S. sites to continue to rise as players around the world realize what has happened to the U.S. players.  There was a lot of attrition after Party Poker left the U.S. market as non U.S. players looked elsewhere for more traffic, I expect this situation to be the same.

U.S. players still have options though.  Merge Gaming, consisting of PlayersOnly and Carbon Poker are probably the best option for U.S. players.  Players get 35% rakeback and a 100% up to $600 bonus that is not deducted from MGR.  Rakeback is even paid daily.

Cake Poker is another good option as they offer echecks and 33% rakeback.  From there players must move to smaller sites like Bodog, True Poker and Minted Poker.

It seems bad online poker news always comes out on Fridays.  I am looking forward to Monday so that we can see what is next for the industry and the accused online poker executives that were indicted.  It should be a busy week.

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