Poker Stars Bans Players From Washington State

Poker Stars announced today that they would no longer accept players from Washington State.  It is a class C felony to play online poker in Washington State.  Poker Stars long held the position “…that the state could not constitutionally regulate Internet poker, or at least could not discriminate in favor of local cardrooms and against online sites. Last week, however, the Washington Supreme Court for the first time rejected that position and upheld the state’s Internet gaming prohibition.”

Players in Washington State need to be concerned that more online poker rooms could follow their lead and end up in the situation players in Kentucky are in.  Although Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, Merge Gaming and Cake Poker accept all other U.S. players Kentucky residents are banned from playing at those rooms.  This type of prohibition might just be the spark needed to move ahead with online poker regulation.

2 thoughts on “Poker Stars Bans Players From Washington State

  1. I have a friend playing at Poker Stars, although she lives in Kentucky. PS (and her bank) allowed her to deposit and play cash games and tournaments. Should she be worried about having her account shut down, or is this a situation where the state disallows it, but the room doesn’t care yet?

    Love the blog!

  2. Poker Stars will not run off with their money. They can play as long as Poker Stars allows them which could be forever. If Poker Stars decides down the road to ban players from a certain jurisdiction they will refund the player’s money. They are not going to keep it. As you saw here players were allowed to cash out even though they could no longer play for real money. Former U.S. facing sites did the same thing when the UIGEA went into effect. For example players could not play on Party Poker anymore if they were in the U.S. but they could cash out.

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