Plaza and Las Vegas Club $100 Loss Rebate

The Plaza and Las Vegas Club are offering a $100 loss rebate for all new players that sign up for the PlayLV player’s club.  Unlike some other loss rebates, Las Vegas residents are included in this promotion.  The two casinos are located across the street from each other in downtown Las Vegas at the intersection of Fremont Street and Main Street.

The promotion is open to all players that have never had a player’s card from either Plaza or Las Vegas Club.  Players from The Western do not qualify as that casino operated under the PlayLV player’s club before it closed in January.

A new player must sign up for a player’s card at either Plaza or Las Vegas Club.  The player’s club hours are 8am-midnight.  The new player then has a freeroll of up to $100.  Only losses in the first 24 hours are valid.  Players then have 24 hours to report the loss to the player’s club to receive the rebate.

The rebate is split into two payments of free play.  The first half of the rebate is released by the end of the following day.  The second rebate is released on the third day of the following month and is valid for six months after your original play.

Slot and video poker loss rebates are based on the following chart:

Loss 1st Rebate 2nd Rebate
$10-$19 5 5
$20-$29 10 10
$30-$39 15 15
$40-$49 20 20
$50-$59 25 25
$60-$69 30 30
$70-$79 35 35
$80-$89 40 40
$90-$99 45 45
$100+ 50 50

Table game players only receive a rebate on 10% of their losses.  Plaza has a wider variety of table games.  Las Vegas Club has lower minimum bets and a better craps game.  Both properties offer the proprietary game Most Liberal 21 even though the name is deceiving because it is not liberal.  The chart below shows the table game rebates:

Loss 1st Rebate 2nd Rebate
$50-$99 $5 $5
$100-$149 $10 $10
$150-$199 $15 $15
$200-$249 $20 $20
$250-$299 $25 $25
$300-$349 $30 $30
$350-$399 $35 $35
$400-$449 $40 $40
$450-$499 $45 $45
$500+ $50 $50

$100 Rebate Strategy

Some games are disqualified from the promotion.  Those games are typically video versions of table games.  These include the Shoot to Win Craps machine at Plaza and the video roulette, video Ultimate Texas Hold’em, and Video blackjack machines at Las Vegas Club.

Las Vegas Club has many video poker machines that pay back 99.5%-100%.  This includes 9/6 Jacks or Better and many old coin games scattered throughout the northwest side of the casino.  Any of those machines are perfect for this promotion.  Just make sure there is nothing on the machine stating that it is ineligible for the promotion.

The video poker at Plaza is above average for Las Vegas, but does not pay back as well as Las Vegas Club video poker machines.  For that reason, I would accept this promotion at Las Vegas Club.  If you are set on playing at Plaza then there are many 9/5 Jacks or Better machines there as well as 9/6 Double Double Bonus if you prefer higher variance.

Table Game Strategy

This promotion is much better for video poker but if you prefer to play table games I suggest playing 10x craps at Las Vegas Club.  Come bankrolled to handle some swings.  Play the line bets and full odds.  The promotional terms do not exclude craps odds from the promotion so presumably they are included but you may want to ask the pit boss.  I doubt they are able to watch closely enough to know if your losses were from odds or flat bets.

Whichever promotion you choose, make sure you set a win limit.  The point of this promotion is to freeroll them and actually win, not to have to settle for the loss rebate.

If you end up having to settle for the loss rebate then you will be required to play the free play at the property that you originally played.  This is another reason to play at Las Vegas Club.  While their coin operated video poker machines do not award free play, there are plenty of 9/6 Jacks or Better machines that offer free play.  The bar offers 9/5 Jacks or Better if you prefer sitting there.

Here are the promotional terms.  It is always a good idea to ask the player’s club representative any questions that you have about qualifying machines and rules.  Some of these promotions can change from day to day or end suddenly so there is no reason put off taking advantage this promotion.

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